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protein shakes?


I posted yesterday that I will have to come off CD for a while as I can't afford at the moment. I've just had a lightbulb moment though and wondered what you think.

Instead of eating (was think of an Atkins style plan) What about using the protein shakes you can buy at the supermarket and then take a multi vitamin as well.

I will probably be banned from this site for suggesting it, but times are very hard!!!!!!!
I really don't want to balloon back up and hopefully I can find a job asap but until then would this be a good idea?:copon:
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No one will shout and scream at you but a couple of questions...

-What will you be eating instead as CD costs apporx £5.70 a day and it would be hard to buy food for a whole day for much under this...
- Also protein shakes are not cheap and are not formulated for losing weight on, they are formulated to put muscle bulk on...
You need to be really careful as the good thing with CD is that it is very carefully balanced to prevent malnutrition whilst you lose weight very quickly and very healthily...

Hope you find a good alternative!

Just to add... I am not rich!!! I am a single mum who at present is surviving with 4 kids (3 of which are teens) on benefits only...
I am looking for work too :)

Hi Tilly

The problem is that although I've been on CD the family shopping bill has not really decreased v much. There are three non dieters in my family and they eat a healthy diet. So they are still buying four packs of chops and chicken breasts etc and OH takes the spare in to work next day. My CDC charges 40 per week for my packs, and to be honest I've always though that it was a bit steep. I really enjoy this diet though and its the only one that has worked for me.
The though of going back to food scares the life out of me as I am not ready for it.
I can't cut back on the shopping bill any further though........

Anyone got any ideas?
wasnt criticising, I have 4 non dieters here too and one of those is a veggie who eats seperate meals.
I just have to think out of the box...
For instance, today I cooked and there was an extra portion, so it went into the freezer. Eventually we end up with 4 seperate portions of dinner, mixed variety...
That day everyone gets to choose what they want and they have something different.
If your hubby is taking the spare chop for his lunch or whatever, then he is saving money on his lunch that day?
Over the past three months I have had to juggle money seriously, So every week I do a menu... I only buy whats on the menu, I no longer buy cake for the children, instead we bake it at a greatly reduced cost. I don't buy crisps anymore for break times as they were beginning to have a few packs a day... we do homemade healthy flapjacks and they take that for break instead.
I also don't buy any processed food anymore, as it was just too expensive and rubbish anyway, so we make everything now from fresh.
Our shopping bill has diminshed greatly.
Maybe you could look at the whole families meals as a whole instead of thinking I will buy the same as always and then have to buy CD on top?
It's worked for us... But I do understand it might not work for everyone.
Thing is, I decided that as a mum I had always made sacrifices and in the the big picture I will only be on cd for a short time, so yes everyone can help out...
They might not always get there favourite dinners, but they do get really good quality, homecooked and healthy food which they do enjoy! Also when I look at how I became over weight, it wasn't by eating 'normal' amounts of 'normal' everyday food, it was by eating processed foods and takeaways each day, now they have been cut out of the diet, The cost of those takeaways (that was never included in my grocery bill before) has gone.

I do hope you find away around it though, like you say in your other post, you hate the thought of leaving CD so it would be great if someone could come up with some ideas for you...

Just out of interest... a story that made me smile re the cost of CD.... A friend was asking me about the cost of CD and was shocked when I told her, she said how expensive it was.
The day before however, she had been telling me about the subsidized food in her compaby resteraunt. She spends £1.80 on a sandwich, she has a bag of crisps and a cake, the total comes to 'just' £2.50 she told me! (the general conversation was how reasonable it was to eat at work) So I asked her how she could spend 'just £2.50 on her lunch and manage to eat the rest of the day for under £3.50 (which would be the daily amount for CD roughly) she said.... "well that doesn't count because we have cereal and bread in the house anyway for breakfast so i don't need to count the cost for that, and I am making dinner for hubby and son then mine won't cost anymore... "

WHilst I agree that a meal might not cost a third less to remove a third person, it does however cut the bill and as for cereal and bread etc... if she wasn't eating it, it would last longer so she was just not counting the cost of her eating at all....
I reckon she actually spends about £10 on food a day, because she always has a mars or other choc bar in the day, plus a glass or two of wine in the evening on top of her food...
She would be saving money but she just doesn't see it!



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I can barely afford CD either. I am a single parent, I work full time but get no benefits so I struggle too. I definately think CD is way too expensive and it would break my heart if I had to stop because of finances. I am dipping into my savings for this diet and they will run out soon. I don't know what I will do then :(


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I live alone and also struggle to afford CD, however, like Tilly, I have put the whole thing into perspective. My friends think the diet is expensive, however, before I would spend around £15 a week on groceries, plus £3 a day for lunch at work and I would go out at least once a week and spend around £30-£50 so I am actually saving this way.
Can you ring around counsellors in your area and check prices because I know some charge less than others or if you are really desperate to continue maybe ask your counsellor if she would consider giving you a pound or two off, it would cut into her profits slightly but perhaps if you explained the situation?


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LOL, at the risk of being shouted at, have you tried Slimfast? Okay, doesn't work in quite the same way and it doesn't have the ketosis factor--but it'd work. 2 shakes - and then eat the same healthy meal in the evening as your family's having.

Just a thought - Slimfast still takes food out of the equation and has been designed to supply a certain amount of vitamins and minerals and has been designed for weightloss.

And it's cheaper...


WILL be Slim!
My DH lost his job in nov, and i work full time with our little one in nursery, and i would cut back on everything else to afford CD!
I make sacrifce after sacrifice for my family, i buy clothes off ebay, i shop in the reduced section, dont have any hobbies that cost money and drive an old banger even though i'm in a quite high profiled job (no, i dont earn a fat lot)....but this is MY time! This is investing in my future and my daughters futures....she wont have to worry about my health when i'm 60 as i will be running around with the best of them!

I know it 'seems" expensive, but there are so many plans, there is usually a way to make it work. Even the 1000+ plans are still low cal compared to "normal" eating and use less shakes, but they do use food so what you save on shakes, you will be spending on food.

I'm the same as tilly, we dont buy processed, we bake/cook everything from scratch, have basic old fashioned meals that can be made in bulk using cheaper cuts of meat and frozen to keep us going longer. We dont eat out, we dont go out anywhere that costs anything and we do some really dodgy things to keep our bills down (legal though lol). Ebay funds a lot of our life as well! lol

Personally, the importance of losing weight far greater than most other things....so i'm doing it, 100% and going to kick this flab to the kerb!

I would have a chat with your cdc about the cost etc, but medically, i would think that just living on protein shakes would be a no no....

I hope you find a solution to this all hun and that leaving CD isnt the only option open to you


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