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Proud of myself ( contains talk of food )


is gonna shine in 2009
Well done you :D
I sat around yesterday with a load of family out for a meal while I ate a peanut bar. They thought I was bonkers that I was very interested in what everyone had and asked them how it tasted etc lol :D
Resistance is not futile ;)


getting slimmer
well done - ive been doing the same today and just had my soup.

makes you realise how much people actually stuff into there faces!!!


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Well done Kirsty.

I cooked & sat through a roast beef dinner yesterday & just had my chocolate shake.

Its bloody hard work but makes you feel great that you manage to get through it without caving in!

well done, I`ve sat and watched people eat a few times, I have now started smelling the food.............lol
i can then imagine what it tastes like and dont need to eat it.


is gonna shine in 2009
Thanks all, i've sat through food before ( have no choice with 4 kids and a O/H lol ) but this was the first takeaway, used to be my weakness.
Well done, what a test! Will help you know you can do it when you approach the next situation like that in future, too. I've had a couple of KFC-related situations like yours, I ate a cranberry bar and guzzled water (despite temptation of lovely smells!).

You're right to be proud of yourself - as others have said, its not easy but its SO gonna be worth it!



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Well done you! I've found that the times I've caved in in the past have been disappointing and the food just hasn't tasted as good as it smells... so I've definitely taken to sniffing it now! no calories in that... haha


is gonna shine in 2009
lol i'm a sniffer too

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