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Psychological Help Needed


Serena's title didn't fit

Don't really know what to say but didn't want to read and run and figured you could use a (((hug)))..



Serena's title didn't fit
Thanks Lostris I really appreciate it. I feel like giving up. I went through a nightmare last year I don't want to go through it again.
Please don't give up!! I have no experience with something like what you're going through right now but giving up will not help you! I know it's probably very hard but you have to be strong!!!!!

Aw hunny, I can sympathise with you on this one, I was diagnosed with cancer for the 6th time at the end of last year. My specialists are adopting the "watch and wait" idea this time, and it's really doing my head in - not to be actively doing something about it.

Hang on in there darling, and stick to the diet as best you can. You need to keep your strength up. Perhaps a higher plan, including a meal, would be better for you at this time x x x


Stubborn tortoise
Maheen & Eclipse, big hugs. It must make things a lot harder... kind of puts things in perspective.
Katycakes, big hug back hun, thanks. It does really put things into perspective and we learn to appreciate things we once took advantage of. I won't allow it to dominate my decision of losing weight. Yes I have given in but it could have been worse and I have to pull myself up and get back into it.


Mad as a Hatter
Totally agree with you Katycakes... nothing that I can moan about compares with what you guys have been or are going through now... wish you all the very best of luck and loads of hugs and kisses...xxxxx


Just thought I would write to say how fantastic I think you are to keep your determination when you are obviously having a difficult time. Keep going girl and good luck to you!!

Sharon xx


Stubborn tortoise
You can do it Maheen, that wagon is always there, climb back on and hold on tight! We're all in this together, just yell if you need support - we all have wobbly days. Taking this on is not easy with all that's going on for you, but can only help... it gives you a focus, somehow. And that gives you a bit of control even when other stuff is beyond your control... does that make sense?
Take care and don't beat yourself up honey, you can do this.
Wow...... and the rest of us thought we had it bad. I don't have any experience with what you are going through but I guess that it might be nice to have control over your body by deciding what you put in it when you have lost control of your body in other ways...... not sure if that makes any sense....

Hopefully things will be sorted out soon, in the meantime just do your best, its all you can do. If you fall off the dieting wagon, just dust yourself off and jump back on xx
Thanks a lot guys for the massive support. I have had a terrible week but I am glad it is at the initial stage. i am only in week two so I have the best opportunity to climb back. I have decided to give tomorrow a fresher look. What has happened I can't change but what I have control over is tomorrow. I usually crave for chocolate when I am down, so I only have till saturday and then I can go on the bars, which will be a great relief. But I just want to say, everyone's problems are individual it's all about the capacity of patience. We have all got a great capacity and we shall all win. :)
I'm so sorry to hear your news and wish I could do more than send a hug :hug99:

Do what feels right for you at the moment, but stay strong.

Plenty hugs where that one came from - just ask.


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