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psyllium husks (again lol)

I've been thinking of trying these for a while now because I'm not sure the fibre 89 stuff makes that much difference. But the only problem is I know you have to drink a lot of water with them too.

I already struggle to drink the amount I should be so will it be pointless for me to get the psyllium husks if I can't drink more. And how much more water do you need to drink if you're having them?
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Hi Kati

I've been using this for a few weeks now, every other day, and all I do is drink a tall glass of water 5 - 10 minutes afterwards. (I mix mine with about 100 mls of shake). I've been fine with it.

You can give it a try and see how you go. I have Fibre 89 and it did absolutely nothing for me.

Have you tried any of the flavourings for that extra encouragement to drink water?

that doesn't sound like too much extra to drink I was imagining having to have a few more litres on top of the 4 we're already supposed to have.

I have some of the berry flavouring and been having peppermint tea too but it's hard to find time to drink anything at work unless there are no customers and then when I get home I have to drink so much in a short time I just can't manage it. I'll have to try and make more of an effort. I need 2 pint glasses instead of 1 pint lol so I dont have to waste time walking to the tap
Oh no, I find that I don't need to drink anymore litres than I do already, just the extra glass after I've had the husks. I know everybody is different so may have different reactions. If you prefer buy a small size first and see how you go.

Personally I drink still and sparkling water. I feel I need the variety rather than just drinking still - this would definately be a struggle. I also find that the flavourings taste better with sparkling water than still.

The link below leads you to another thread on psyllium husks. 100% husks is better.

Good luck

I have the husks and still have 4 ltrs per day as I normally have, occasionally 5 ltrs, the reason you have plenty to drink is to wash it down and also so you dont have sandpaper poo! I never have less than 4 for this reason!!

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