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Psyllium Husks ~ which is it?


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Having read lots of posts on here about the wonders of psyllium husk ~ in so far as the ability to aid ones erm 'natural movements' with the bonus of tasting akin to porridge ~ I have just purchased a tub.

I am however a little confused when it comes to how much you should add to your shake.

Russiandoll (who seems to be the 'oracle' when it comes to psyllium) advises to add 2 dessertspoons ~ yet others say add 2 teaspoons ~ so which is it.

Those of you who have succeeded in the 'Art' of perfecting that porridge like consistency ~ what would you say was your best tips to assist a newbie with her experimentations :D
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When if comes to psyllium husks, it's very much down to experimentation. In my own experience, two dessertspoons gives a porrige consistancy akin to semolina.

Others may prefer a much more liquid consistancy and use only two teaspoons.

Why not go half way and try three teaspoons and see how it goes? You can adjust it to make it thicker / thinner as you like.

I also add a teaspoon to my normal drinking shakes (hot or cold) to make them a little thicker but still 'drinkable'.


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I add 1/2 teaspoon to shakes and 1 teaspoon to soups.

I find it dulls the taste of things a little but the extra thickness of the soup is great.

I am nice and regular now too !


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Thanks folks ~ my main reason for wanting to try the husks is becoz I'm a little......... well 'bunged up'. Have tried senokot but it's not really keeping me regular enough and anyways I don't like taking tabs for things on a regular basis.

I like the idea of that fact this is a totally natural solution ~ so I think I'll go with the idea of adding a teaspoon or maybe two to my shakes and see how that goes.

Not really after making porridge or semolina type stuff, so a slightly thicker shake sounds good :)
so a slightly thicker shake sounds good :)
It's yummy ... I particularly like hot banana blended with 1 level tsp of PH and a little cinnamon sprinkled on top. (I use 300ml of water btw). Hot, thick and filling :p


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Do you use the husks as well as the fibre 89 or just on its own


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I think both could be a lethal combination !
Once you get the level of PH right for your individual needs, you won't need any extra bulking agent.


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Ah right RD ~ glad you said that coz I was going to get some Fibre89 as well. Reckon i'll stick to adding a teaspoon to shakes from time to time, just until I can get things 'moving' so to speak :sick0019: he he

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