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pudding rice

Becca Wecca

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I've made it with water then added the yoghurt after....Thought it was bloody awful!!

Next time i'd use milk and either use it in my hex allowance or syn it!!
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I also think it is pretty disgusting made with water tastes the same as any boiled rice. it is the milk that makes it creamy. I also syn sugar in it so not to get a nasty after taste of sweeteners
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I don't like it made with water and yogurt after, I'd rather use my milk allowance aswell.


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I make it with water but add sweetner and vanilla extract to the water so it takes away the "boiled rice" taste, also don't let all the water evaporate, or it becomes stodgy and difficult to mix. Have been known to eat in the morning with a yoghurt as an alternative to the magic porridge.


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Works fine if you soften the rice with water and a dash of sweetner. When cooked, I mix it with a toffee muller, that seems to add the right level of creaminess and sweetness. Nice warm, but much better left to cool, as the cooling rice continues to soak up the yogurt, making the whole thing thicker and creamier ...
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i adore plain boiled rice with any ff yoghurt,it really reaches my pmt cravings.in fact i ate so much of it i was sts at wi's.


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I suppose it depends what you are used to. I had never tried a rice pudding before startiong on SW so I've never had them made with full fat milk. So I'm quite happy to make them either all water or with a mixture of milk and water, and then add a yoghurt at the end. That's the beauty of SW that we can choose to do it either way and still remain on plan!


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I have tried making rice pudding several ways and have found that this one is the best and uses the least milk :)

3oz of pudding rice
1 half pints water
200ml of semi skimmed milk (still leaves you 50 out of HA for teas/coffee :))
sweetener to taste

boil rice on hob in the water till most of the water is absorbed and rice is soft drain and place into a small oven proof dish add the milk if you cant fit it all in dont worry (I couldnt) just add more in as it cooks and the milk will reduce as it cooks making room for more to be added. Do not bother adding the sweetener it is a waste of time something to do with the cooking process cancels out the sweetener. I found this out after several attempts at adding more and more, I just couldnt taste it. Bake at 180 once a skin has formed on top of the rice pudding its done then serve adding sweetener to your dish before you eat it yummy and free :) or add a spoon of jam but dont forget to syn it

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