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Pudgy pandas diary

Hi afetr reading some of the other diaries here, i wanted to write my own, to look back on when things got tough or i am struggling.

So i started SW 3 days ago after trying tlipotrim for a whole day and i realised how great SW is, dreamed of SW chilli, homemade chips etc, instead of these shakes!

So saturday and sunday went very well, went swimming and even managed the cinema - i ate oranges and kinder mini treat which really hits the spot.

Today i weighed myself and i have lost 2lbs since saturday so thats 1lb a day loss already! I walked to toddler group which i normally drive and loved it, got to talk to DS about flowers and trees etc so he enjoyed it too. Went to local butchers and got meat for next few days.
Resisted some banana cake at butchers and came home and made lovely ham and mushroom quiche thingy, which was lovely and filling.

Had busy afternoon but made homemade burgers and chips or dinner - yummy!!!!

Thinking of my activia yoghurt and jelly now for a snack:)
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Hi pudgy panda,
i,m going to be starting a weight loss diary too as i had a blip yesterday just wondering how did you make your homemade burgers and are they any syns thank you and all the best with your losses.
Hi pudgy panda,
i,m going to be starting a weight loss diary too as i had a blip yesterday just wondering how did you make your homemade burgers and are they any syns thank you and all the best with your losses.

love the homemade burgers it usually makes 6 large burgers:

2lbs mince
1 onion
1 egg
1 crackerbread crushed (optional)

mix the mince with finely chopped onion and crackerbread and add egg to bind together in burger patty.

i usually put in over for 30 mins - :)
HEADACHE today, not drinking enough water i think :(

getting into the swing of things, i feel as if i am not even doing sw as its just natural now to grab fruit when hungry, make delicious low syn or syn free meals and enjoy watching OH and son devour them!!!

in work today someone brought back chocolates from spain, i munched into apple instead without even blinking at turning it down. Although i do noitce other girls, make comments about it "oh your being good are you?" "go on one wont hurt"

anyone else get people who try to sabbotage your hard work?? thats what i think people do without realising, like my MIL who piles my plate full of crap even though she knows OH and i are now have healthy opions and loving it.

had lovely food, today feel totally satisfied and happy with my intake today, could vary the fruit a bit more but not gonna go out and buy fruit for the sake of variety until my food shp at the weekend.

oh so excited i am growing my own veg in garden and wait for it......
their growing!!!!
i have:
all starting to grow!!!!!!!

hope that cuts down food bill, 1 downside to sw is that you want to buy these fresh foods so you can try all these delicious receipes but then it costs a fortune!!
well yesterday went well, i ate lovely healthy freshly cooked food, stayed below my syns and went for a big long walk - so why the hell am i 2lbs heavier than when i started this 5 days ago???? :(

i am so confused, i have never put on weight before in sw so why now??

trying to keep motivated but OH is doing calorie counting and has lost 6lbs already!!!! i love SW but i want to see results, i had a target of 2lbs for this week, considering its 1st week it should be more but now its not looking promising for WI at home on monday :(

well after the melt down this morning i was all set to just eat whatever popped in my mouth - thankfully my son was bored and wanted attention so i got dressed asap and walked to the park, went to the library then took him swimming - felt sooooo much better making that choice and distracting myself from the sts weigh in.

was very hungry afterwards though so had chicken pasta n sauce which isnt exactly that healthy but it filled a hole.

I got an attack fo the munchies and had to scoff mini kinder and blue ribbon biscuit into my mough followed by an activia yoghurt - felt so much better and used up only 8.5 of my syns having a "binge" i know i could have easily kept eating but just distracted myself and drank a load of water - god i hope i am starting to put successful weight loss strategies in place :)

so had dinner (fry up) which was lovely and then off to watch DVD with hubby - ah another 100% SW day :)

gotta love that feeling when you wake up the next morning not having that feeling of regret and despair at you eating everything in your binge the night before :)


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Well done pudgy, try not to weigh yourself every day though, just keep it weekly if you can. xx

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