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Pure african mango

I would always be very sceptical of any new weight loss "wonder product". Just because it is natural does not make it safe - there have been numerous health scares about supposed natural weight loss aids; hoodia and sea kelp to name 2. I always take the view that if something truly works, you will soon hear all about it!! A natural product that significantly aided weight loss would be headline news and a license to print money so let other people take the risks and try it first! Chances are though we will never hear of it again. Save your money instead, I say xx


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If you're looking for something natural and an aid to weight loss, try green tea or green tea extract (it can be found in powder form, which is called matcha and is drunk like tea, but far more powerful). Also in capsule form in H&B or Julian Graves.
I am fairly sceptical of things like this, but I know that drinking green tea always makes me feel better.
But seriously question why it is you are looking for a supplement before you get one :)
I just want a kick I've been on the biggest plateau known to man and tired mixing it up a bit with a slight success of a 1lb loss now I'm back on a plateau so I wanted something to try that might help


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Baby-belle said:
I just want a kick I've been on the biggest plateau known to man and tired mixing it up a bit with a slight success of a 1lb loss now I'm back on a plateau so I wanted something to try that might help
Why don't you speak to your consultant about fast forward? I know another lady on here who plateaud, and did a week on FF and lost 4lb... Might he worth a shot :)
what other strategies have you tried? success express? alternating your days red/green/EE? whats your stats sometimes that helps people give contructive advice on getting off a plateau xx
What do you mean by stats? I have tried mixing plans and it did work fit two weeks then in stuck again this week I am going to try red again from today hoping this will work for next week
I think Kerry means your height and target weight, along with how much more you still want to lose and your pattern of losses ofver the past few months. Losses can be slower as you get nearer to target or if your target weight is unrealistic. But supplements are not the answer.
yep thats exactly what I mean patchwork puss.

I find that changing one thing each week helps, for example, I have decided to have a fish week this week, fish once a day for a week, other weeks it might be scan bran daily for my hexb, or increasing water consumption, or cutting out caffeine, keeping the body guessing keeps the momentum I find, x


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I really want to try this out, sounds like it could work if it suppresses the appetite.
Old thread :)
If you are doing SW why would you need to suppress your appetite??? Just fill up on all the superfree/free foods. I'd be much too concerned about my body going into some kind of starvation mode and that would seriously backfire on my weight loss efforts xx


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I have tried a few things in the past & in ALL honesty not seen much of a difference & IF there has been, I've put it down to the placebo effect as in "Oh I lost weight this week - it MUST be those pills.. not everything else!" etc - They DO sell these in Holland & Barrett so if you want to try them, make sure you buy them from a store like Holland & Barratt - don't be tempted by the 'cheapo' companies online, because chances are they are just putting crap in a pill & selling it to you for a ridiculous price. At H&B they are £9.99 (buy one get one half price) which is reasonable just to try them out.

One thing I'd say is Google, Google, Google. Just do some quick research (which you probably already have) & see what the pros and cons are! Like I said, in my personal opinion, these things don't *really* work. The only thing that would work would be speed (yes, the drug) lol - NO I'm not a drug user (never done ANY in my life!!) but I have an addict older brother in his 40's (that I hate/don't talk to) who was huge and has gone to look ill & it's by doing all the crap he does! At the end of the day if there was a 'miracle pill' we would have all found it by now & we would all be walking around at the size we'd want! I know theses celebrities sometimes endorse products but seriously.. does anyone actually believe this is how they lose weight!? Beyonce for Pepsi Max for example, you think she actually drinks it - No! Some celebrities are also seen taking 'Xanax' pills (for anxiety) - Britney/Lindsay Lohan in the past.. & say it works for weight loss - what they don't mention is that these people (at the time) didn't eat & worked out, had all day to do it! So unfortunately you get all these people getting hold of Xanax and not realising all the dangerous side effects & not really getting ANY thinner..

That's my rant over, haha - sorry to go off topic there, I know some mango pills aren't as bad as prescribed medicine but it does annoy me that some people go to extreme lengths (EVEN I DID)! getting conned by this stuff. I do believe though that the mango/green tea/raspberry pills might help some people but they aren't for everyone :) Do you have a blog or something, you could do a review for everyone else where you do one week and write exactly what you eat drink (without pills) & start a week WITH them eating exactly the same etc and see if there IS a change! That would be interesting & I'd definitely read it! :)

I find my weight comes off fast one week when I just eat superspeed foods like raspberries (I'll have like 2 tubs a day sometimes) & beetroot (with everything)! Try a SS week & see how that goes maybe (if you're feeling stuck & end up not trying the mango pills). Let us know & good luck xxx


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Instead of popping pills, I would rather give lemon juice (PLJ) a shot. There is an interesting thread about it on this forum somewhere :)

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