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Purple Hugs - Babe in arms!!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thought i'd start posting this here :) generally its in the members diary section :)

Feeling queezy nearly all day at the moment - body has only tried to throw up on one occasion so that's something :)
tired, need to pee in the night, etc etc! lol

Waiting patiently (read i'd love to jump up and down and demand one) to see a midwife and get booked in for a scan.

Am currently 6 weeks +1 day :D

I'll start a bit of a food diary, though am not much good at keeping them normally, I'm veggie so if you see meat and fish are missing you know why! ;)

Food yesterday was
Shreddies and skimmed milk for breakfast :)
Pasta, beans (variety of whole beans - not baked beans ;) ), tomato based sauce for lunch with a small home baked bread roll.

Dinner Cawl (welsh soup) without meat, and cheese added into it. With bread rolls (2). :)
Pudding.. i was naughty and had some chocolate artic roll.. was very very nice! lol

This morning so far 2 slices of wholemeal toast :) glass of water.
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taking one day at a time
ooh yummy that soup sounds delish do you have a recipe fo rit .
I too am peeing for england and feel so tired have no energy at all :(

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I'll have to type it up for you :) or find one on line, it's a traditional welsh soup but we leave the meat out :)

well.. I tempted fate this morning. The pains in my side I had 2 days ago are back and quite bad.
So... I called my gp but no appointments available or even for tomorrow till tomorrow. Called the early pregnancy unit and they booked me in for a scan tomorrow at 11.15am. I have LOADS on tomorrow - social worker coming to do a review and supervision (we're foster carers) and need to take my foster child to a clinic appointment too (for counselling) - Hubby kindly said he'll get SW to give him and foster child a lift to the clinic. :) But will mean I'm on my own for the appointment. He isn't thrilled but can't be helped and if I make it later in the day it means that we will risk being late for the girls getting out of school as the hospital is 18 miles away.
Really hope it goes well.. really hope...

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
tonight food well it was in the form of eating with the girls.. first time in ages I've done this - as justification! lol
Pizza (thinbase cheese and tomato), garlic bread, tortilla chips and dip, and a veggie hotdog with onions on a bun!! :eek:
yes.. I'm officially a pig! :cool:

But.. I really enjoyed it and it won't happen often I promise :)

Have had a lovely soak in the bath tonight and actually got half an hours peace to do it! lol
Stomach is still hurting - so no change.
Still nervous about tomorrows scan.. but trying not to be.


The old me is coming back
Best of luck for tomorrow Purple Huges, will keep you in my thoughts and hope everything goes perfectly. You seem so excited and happy - it's lovely to see!
From a TTC at the moment fattie!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks so much ((hugs)) much appreciated.
Don't knock your weight, you are changing it.. It's taken me years to get my weight down to what it is now, and I know how hard that journey can be. My journey started a long time ago to get here. :)
I'm really happy to be pregnant, right now of course worried, but keep telling myself that I am having symptoms and hopefully they are real and justified. :)

Will know more tomorrow and will update this thread - jumping with joy if all is ok.


The old me is coming back
You have done so well with the weight loss Purple - time to just concentrate on you and the lodger right now. Please let us know how you get on!
I have been trying for a little one myself since Jan this year, got my smiley face last night on the OPK so had a busy evening and morning. Am quite anxious about the whole thing as am 17.10 so very fat for being pregnant. I keep loosing 2 stone and putting it back on. Think, if i do not get a positive this month i will have to return to CD for a while. I would be so upset with myself if i went to doc, cause of not getting pregnant and it was because of my weight!

Anyway, sorry for taking over. Wishing you all the very very best today. Hugs!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
not at all! nice to have something to chat about other than the pain in my side! lol

I was 14 stone when I fell with my eldest - she's 10 now.
I was checked by the anaethatist (spell check). Who wasn't too happy at having to 'dig' to feel my hips and spine!
This time I can feel them more than ever but am refusing an epidural if I get that far. It didn't work for ages, they had to do it twice I'm funny with pain relief in that I take more than most! lol just greedy with drugs I guess!
Seriously though, Atkins or CD are both fab diets, ketosis is a great tool for losing FAST - so if you don't get the positive maybe having a break from the OPK's and just let it happen if it happens :) CD worked for me! lol ;)
It's not that the diets are dangerous if you get pregnant it's just that they are too low cal/low carb to support pregnancy for you and baby, so once you fall you can just come off the diet and go back to it after. :)
you'll be amazed at how quick the weight drops off - when I was 17st 4lb I lost 3 stone on atkins in the space of 3 months. :)

Anyway.. gonna have to dash but thanks for the support, will be back later.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Am totally relieved!!
Sonographer warned me before she began that pregnancy could be ectopic and this could be causing the pains...
But.. after scanning she turned the screen to reassure me that Baby is doing fine.. tiny little blob in the middle of a sack :) heart flickering away! all well for this stage
Stretching or a strain is likely culpurit for the pains :) Really really really pleased! lol can you tell?


The old me is coming back
Ahh Purple, am so so delighted for you - must have been just magical to see the little sac and hear about the heartbeat - my eyes are welling up here thinking of it!! When will your next scan now be? Wierd about the pains though - pregnancy is a very strange thing really!
Thanks so much for sharing the info with me re. your first little baby. Do you mind me asking if you had much trouble conceiving this time, did you concieve on CD? I am going to do my own low cal/carb thing next month (cause i have loads of weddings in May) and then if not preggers then start CD (maybe the 810 plan) for 2 months (going on holiday in July).


taking one day at a time
aw brill news so pleased for you I have my secon scaon wednesday and stil really nervous lol :)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks both! :)
Mummy2beslim - good luck for Wednesdays scan ((hugs)) fingers x'd all is well - how far long will you be? you need to add a ticker so i can keep up! lol ;)

Mitten, I don't mind your asking. We have been ttc for 8 years now, but naturally - hubby isn't one for a fuss lol. I did take my temp's at one point about 4 years ago or so. I had a miscarriage at 4 weeks 3 years ago and it hit me really hard I'll be honest. Which is why I'm so worried this time to be honest. I'm 37 and after so long I'd given up ever hoping we'd fall, so had my hubby who is 44! lol
So.. here we are.. going to have to let my head get used to it all now! for all i've nattered on I still had a real fear that there would be no heartbeat at 12 weeks.
My next scan is in 6 weeks time.. haven't got a date but will be a normal one at 12 weeks or so. :)

I'd recommend just going onto atkins if you eat meat - if aiming for it briefly and then go for full SS+ on CD if you find atkins a bit too difficult - it's not though :). I don't eat meat anymore and went to CD because of that.
SS+ will help you lose between 12 and 14lb a month :) everyone is different but it works wonders. ;) You could be 2 stone lighter by July! ;)


taking one day at a time
lol I will have to do a ticker ill go and do it now x
I am 39 this month and had my first at nealry 36 .I am also worried as had mc 2007 at 11 weeks and im terrifiedoff it happening again .I nealry died was in hospital 3 days aond had blood transfusions etc and it has mentally really frightened me anyway all going well so far .I will see if my date changes again go by may last af wich was 3rd march but the date at hospital was 4 days differant could be due to my cycles been from 25-31 days so could change again x

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks lisa ((hugs))

Mummy2beslim - that must have been seriously scary! :( ((hugs)) I can totally imagine how you must be worried, really hope that you get through this one successfully.
wow you guys had scans already....I didn't realise you could see the heart beat so early... weeeee! that's really exciting!

really wonder whenI will get mine. My midwife cancelled my appointment and rescheduled for next week, she said she'd talk to me about blood tests I may need, but didn't mention a scan. I spotted in the week and had tummy ache, but thankfully all seems back to normal. I would like a scan though, it might make it feel a bit more real. I am totally knackard though and am also weeing for england too.... so I suppose it must be real. Really good so see you guys here, we can swap baby notes =)


taking one day at a time
It was scary but im taking one day at a time thats all you can do and hope for the best one good thing I saw heart beat last week and that was really nice :)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Angie-bum it's not normal to have a scan so early ((hugs)) I would have had to wait if it weren't for the pains.
Spotting can be normal too.. if it comes back i'd see your midwife though.

I've not heard from my midwife team yet at all, don't suppose I will for a while yet as they don't start seeing you till 10 weeks around here.

As for frequenting the loo, and being tired, all great symptoms! lol

Great to see this section getting busier! lol

Mummy2beslim - as you say, we can take the heartbeat to be a good sign - and hope for the best from now on in.


taking one day at a time
Hi angie I only had a scan because off previous mc and pain but they found out its a cyst ,congratulations on your pregnancy not much between us all xx

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Had a lovely morning at the beach with the girls :) Back for lunch and they're playing in the sun in the garden. :) Planted up my hanging basket for the spring/summer and am planting up my remaining veggies outside. :)
Have lots of flower seeds to plant too but not sure if I'll get them all done in time! lol

My friend is on her way up with her hubby and children for the weekend - they're staying up the road in their camper. :) will be lovely to see her again. :) Hope the weather stays nice! :D

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