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Purple's faff free journey

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by positively_purple, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. positively_purple

    positively_purple Full Member

    I posted this elsewhere and then thought that it might help me to keep a diary on here....afterall my phone's surgically attached ;-)

    I joined WW away back in 2005 after trying for 5 years to have a baby. I was 15 stone. I lost 2 stone in 2 months and then fell pregnant with my first son. I was delighted and the weight piled on.

    I ignored the weight for awhile and then in 2008 joined SW for the first time. I again lost 2 stone and got to 13-8 and fell pregnant with my 2nd son.

    From then on and off I've tried SW and it never worked.

    I rejoined 2 weeks before Christmas at a whopping 16-12 my heaviest ever. I lost 7lb in my first week which was brill! Then due to Christmas I had a STS then a 2lb gain and I'm expecting another gain tomorrow night :-(

    I have to make this year different. I hate myself and my body. My eldest is getting bullied and they use me to hurt him callling me a fatty. Im sick of people asking when im due.

    On the otherhand while this makes me desperately unhappy the flipside of the coin is I have a husband who loves me regardless of my size and 2 fantastic boys whom I love so so much.

    But I need to make a drastic change so that im here for all of them. I mean I'm starting to feel those 7 stones I need to lose. Im tired all the time and starting to ache. Ive an underactive thyroid and pernicious anaemia but they cant always be the blame. Its me...I am the only accountable one.
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  3. positively_purple

    positively_purple Full Member

    I reached my first day's goal....

    5, 000 steps and 20 mins on the treadmill.

    Well done me :)

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  4. poppybird

    poppybird Member

    This is brilliant! Can't wait to follow your journey!
  5. positively_purple

    positively_purple Full Member

    Thanks Poppy :)

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  6. positively_purple

    positively_purple Full Member

    Day 2 amd I've completed another 20 mins on treadmill plus 5000 steps.

    I've my first post Christmas/New Years weigh in shortly and om dreading it. Had a sneaky weigh at home and it looks like I'm up to my joining weight again :-( trying not to get upset as I haven't been on plan from before the hols so how can I expect a miracle. Just have to draw a line, chin up and start 100% days from tomorrow.

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  7. poppybird

    poppybird Member

    Try not to get upset! Being positive will only help the situation... what do they say about positive thinking?

  8. positively_purple

    positively_purple Full Member

    Thanks Poppy :) just back as I couldn't stay to class. I'm up 3lb to 16-10.... but on the positive thats 2lb less than I started this journey on. So really all in all its not so bad. This isn't a diet I'm trying to stick to it's a lifestyle change and I have to expect that sometimes life is going to get in the way.

    Gonna have a nice long bath and start thinking about setting some targets. :)
  9. positively_purple

    positively_purple Full Member

    Oh my god I cant make 1 day!!

    In from work and I ate 2 tunnocks tea cakes that were looking at me!!!!

    I have the will power of a flea

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