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Put on a pound & lost the plot!!

WI this morning and I gained a pound. I was so pi**ed off I bought 2x maple pecan danishes, 2x apricot danishes and a Kit Kat senses bar and scoffed the lot!!

What a great start to the week ahead! I couldn`t even be bothered to go to the gym to work some of it off!!

Shall I bother tracking what I ate earlier? I daren`t add the points up for that little lot unless someone would like to do it for me? Lol!!

Man I need a kick up the you know what!! Now going to paint my nails to try and cheer myself up!

Tanya xx :-(
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I don`t really get proper periods anymore cos I had a coil fitted. I would have thought what I`ve eaten this morning would be my allowance for the rest of the day!
So nothing more for me until tomorrow lol!!

Tanya xx :cry:
yeah i know. I have managed to lose weight on it before tho.
Do u think I should track the 22 points that i`ve eaten today? I`m only allowed 20!! Lol!!
Just draw a line and start afresh...everyone has their blips

ok will do thanks!
well maybe eat just zero points from here on in if u ate all your points this morning, thats what i do if i eat all mine before dinner, i do a dinner with zero points
Ok so I`m now 16.5 points over so far and it`s the first day of my week!! Shall I try and claw them back over the next 6 days??
I would try and claw it back via low point food and exercise but some may just draw a line under it and carry on as if it didnt happen.

You need to have more faith in yourself and your diet and try try try not to ruin your hard work by binge eating after an undesirable result.

Move onwards and downwards from now on, You can do it
Yep, I am going to claw the points back by eating low point foods. Put it this way I`ve had a half a grapefruit this morning and a cup of tea!
I`m going to lose what I gained this week and some!! There how positive is that?! Lol!
Not sure whether to count the gym as activity points though, I want to get my points back through eating rather than counting exercise so I almost guarantee a loss this coming week.
Hopefully it will work out like that!!

Tanya xx

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