Putting yourself at Target


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What would you do

At the end of March i am losing my job, and the moment no signs of another one.

I know there are quite a few things i will be cutting back on - one of them being my weeking class of SW - becuase 4.95 is a lot of money.

So i have worked it out that i have one more week on my 6 week countdown left, i am planning on taking out a 12 week countdown out of my final wage packet.

Then after that i will have to put myself at target even if i am there or not !

How would you feel
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Hi hun, I'm sorry to hear that you'll be losing your job, but by March you could have another one sorted - you never know what's around the corner! Trust me, I've been looking since January as the maternity role I covered ended at Xmas. Money has been tight but I have not stopped going to class, for 2 reasons, once me not having a job is temporary, wanting to lose weight and be healthy for life is not, and also as I've been at home cabin fever has set in occasionally and getting out each Thursday has been great!

It's tough at the moment but you will get through it, don't let how well you've done so far be ruined by that! Good luck with whatever youd ecided to do but don't also but yourself under extra pressure to get to target because you 'have to' xxx


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I think buying a 12 week CD is a great idea while you can afford it, as it gives you 12 more weeks of class without having to worry.

Maybe when you pay for the 12 wk CD you could slip in a couple of 1 week holidays which would mean missing a couple of intermittent weeks of class but would stretch the 12 weeks to 14? Bit sneaky lol

Hopefully when the CD does end you will have found another job and be in a position to stay in class but if not then declaring yourself at target will enable you to stay free at meetings - until you are so far under target and outside of the allowed range when you would have to pay again.

When this happens I don't know if you'll be able to adjust your target weight maybe but then if this was possible we'd all do it every week lol.

What you don't want to do is maintain just to stay within your target weight to get free classes if in effect you still want to lose more. If you get to this stage and still there's no job on the horizon imo you'd be better off then just leaving and doing it at home and with help from your Minimins friends until you are in a position to get back to classes again.

Good luck :)


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I understand totally where you're coming from - My last day of employment is 4th March with no job on the horizon as yet. Fortunately - I'm between targets - so either I have to gain 1.5lb or loss 2.5lb to call new target and that's what I fully intend to do to allow me - for a while at least - to continue to go to group.

I hate the thought of not going to group once money becomes tight - and need to work out a way of finding that £4.95 a week (if i need it) to allow me to keep going - if nothing else - it's one evening a week out of the house.