Quark + options?

I know that some people love it, but I have tried it twice with different flavours and thought it was disgusting. It takes all sorts . . . !!


I will do this!!!
what is it? does it make a mousse or something?!?!?


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yesh so i have heard. a really sweet sickly 2 syn mousse! I really want to like it but last time i couldnt even stir it in it was so thick


I will do this!!!
im not a lover of quark so it doesn't sound too appealing to me!

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Love it love it love it! I use one Options sachet to one tub of Quark and mix it really well together and then leave in the fridge for a couple of hours - you need to do this so the Options dissolves and isn't grainy - the longer you leave it the more flavour the Quark takes! I use the mixture with blueberries etc. for a really delicious dessert and low in syns! xxx


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Hey all. Try Total 0% greek yoghurt - i've only recently found it - it's absolutely delish on it's own...or if you want to syn mix through the options. One sachet per small pot is enough....Well actually it's not, maybe 10 sachets in 10 pots would be enough....

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i use quark but find it needs a good tablespoon of sweetener. x


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I use Total 0% too - no sweetner required as it's sickly enough with just the highlights. Can't imagine using quark - it's too sharp :confused:


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I use one Options sachet to half tube of Quark and add small dash of milk. In this way is not gross.