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I know this must have been discussed before, but I have gone back to the last week's threads and cant see one anywhere.

What I want to know is, what do you do with Quark?

I bought some today and had a little taste, it wasnt as bad as I was worried it might be, but it still needed something. What do you put with it to make it taste a little nicer? I dont mean big recipes eg cheesecake, but more is there anything I can put with it so if i am to eat it as it is it will be slightly nicer tasting. I have tasted worse though, but if i forced myself to eat too much of it I will probably give up and it will go to waste.

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Mix in sweetner to taste. I usually do 2 tbsp quark to 2 tsp sweetner, great with fruit. If I feel naughty for 3 sins I have meringue with fruit and sweetened quark.
I mix my quark with an 11g sachet of wicked white chocolate options, its amazing, tastes like a cake filling. Pretty awesome for 2.5 syns!
I usually use mine as a syn-free substitute for butter or margerine on sandwiches or on ryvitas. It gives the moist taste so feels I'm having mayo but also I get a slight cheese taste so get to save my HEA!
It doesn't have a strong taste. It's like philadelphia without the cheese! That's why it works as a sweet treat too, although I've never had it sweet.

It's creamy, and the one I get from Morrisons is pretty smooth (I'm sure I 've had one that was like cottage cheese from somewhere).

Used this this afternoon as my 'mayo' on a lettuce, spring onion, ham and beetroot butty. Very nice!
I eat options in quark/totak/formage frias everyday its bloody amazing

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