question about coming off the diet


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I am doing maintance and am coming off the diet.

I found a box of tetras this morning (unused from christmas!) and after counting all of my stuff have realised that I have enough now. So this is it - coming off of the diet. I am at my goal and so over it now!

How do I tell my CDC!? I know that this sounds silly - but I am through now and dont want to go but - but feel bad like she will disaprove!

This might sound silly - but what do I say? we e-mail each other.

thanks x
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Give her a ring and say you now have enough product to finish the diet but can you pop back in a month for a maintenance weigh in and a chat.

She will be fine! People finish the diet every week.



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I did that with mine, just rang her and told her I was at goal, she was great, asked me to pop in now and again for a chat x