question about Ketosis


Evening all!

quick question does your body go in and out of ketosis, or do you stay in keltosis ( sorry if this is a silly question!!)

only ask as i check in the morning and i am in then late afternoon i am out?

Thanks Ninax :eek: :eek: :eek:
Hi Nina,

I think you slip slightly out of ketosis for a few mins after having your packs...but go straight back in again. Also, I think its best to test in the mornings, before all your water dilutes the ketones....

Hi,i have never heard about slipping in and out of ketosis becuase u have a pack,from previous experrience the only way u can come out of ketosis is if u have food or drink that has 2 many carbs or citric acid.

Here is a link explaining more about ketosis.

Kaz is right about water dilutes the reading of ketones that is why to test for ketosis first thing in the morning.
I am sure a experienced vlcd peep will pop along soon and will be able to help u.
Take care xx
I never checked for ketosis myself once when I was doing SS. The LL counsellor checked for the first few weeks, but after I changed to CD it was never checked - nor did I want it to be.
If you stick to the diet, you WILL lose weight - no matter what colour the sticks say. Forget them, stick to the diet, concentrate on your goal, and you WILL get there, as quickly and safely as possible. Icemoose did the mathematics somewhere - it is IMPOSSIBLE not to lose weight if you follow a VLCD.
take care, Ann