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Question about metabolism


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I dont think there is any. If you introduce food slowly, following the steps and gradually increasing calories your metabolism will gradually increase too.

The way it was explained to me is that your metabolism will slow down with the low calories, but just as it is possible for it to slow so it is possible for it to pick up again once you introduce more calories.

Without doing any exercise, after I finished LL, I maintained for about a year. My weight gain is a simple equation, calories in more than calories out :eek:
Thanks Tange, brilliant answer. Thank you for answering me, I was just worried I would mess my metabolism up:cry:
Shouldn't listen to people who don't agree with diet x


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I think of it this way. I do not think, with the strict and sometimes anal health and safety laws in this country a diet like any of the vlcd's would be allowed if it was going to mess with you.

If we are doing it probably best we do it properly for minimum upset to our weight and metabolism.
that is just my theory and seeing as I did not do management properly on LL here I am. So self inflicted in my case.


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Yes, that's correct. Metabolism slows in two ways when you go on ANY diet. It will correct itself as you lose weight, but there is also another part of the metabolism that slows more when you reduce food.

On a VLCD the adaptive part will reduce more, but then it stops reducing when it gets to a certain level. That level is always higher for the diet to work.

When you start eating more again (as in the steps up to maintenance) your adaptive metabolism will start to go up again. That part will be restored to it's former glory. Of course, the metabolism that adapts to the smaller size will stay as it is ie, a little slower than before you lose weight as there is less bulk so needs less energy.
Thanks KD. I should stop listen to people trying to put me off, they never done diet, so is just their own opinion.
I should just listen to my own body..it will tell me when it does not like something:jelous:


Gone fishing
Thanks KD. I should stop listen to people trying to put me off, they never done diet, so is just their own opinion.
Exactly. Doesn't even go along with research. It's just a nasty rumour to stop people doing stupid unbalanced VLCDs. Whereas Cambridge is a formulated diet to give us everything we need

Actual research shows that if you lost weight fast you have more chance of keeping it off...though I would imagine it's just a little bit more, not guaranteed :D Still have to do the head work to maintain it...but you 'up' your chances by a little, rather than the other way around.
good info KD ... :)


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Thanks for that KD x

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