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  1. Bexter

    Bexter New Member

    Hi All, its been a long time since I last posted on here!

    I did LL from Oct07 to May 08 and I lost 9.5 stone. I was about 3 stone away from target, but had absolutely had enough so I came off the diet and never did RTM. This was obviously a huge mistake because sinec then in the last two years I've put 8 stone back on! :cry:

    I don't really want to do LL again, but I am desperate to lose weight. Me and my boyfriend got engaged recently and there's no way I'm getting married as a size 26! All the other diets (SW, WW, etc) are just too slow for me, so I've pretty much decided I'll do LL again. But my question is, do I go back into a 'refreshers' group or would you advise doing the foundation again?

    I'm fairly keen to do foundation again because I obviously didn't learn anything last time(!) and I think its good to do the 100 days committment. But will a counsellor let me do it again?

    Any advice or suggestions are more than welcome.
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  3. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    Welcome back Bexter. If it was me I would try and get back into a Fondation class and start over again.
    Good luck - whatever. One greatthing - you KNOW LL works.
  4. Natasha84x

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    I did LL 5 years ago and lost 3.5 stone.. I put it all back on aswell so I've started again. I'm on day 4 of refreshers and struggling- not with the hunger but with feeling crap, upset stomach and a bit lightheaded. Really hope it passes soon! Think I probably needs to do foundation again but my counsellor put me on refreshers. Only had one meeting so far. Fingers crossed it gets easier! Was only 20 the first time round and found it a breeze. Struggling with social life already! Even after 4 days! Ha!

    Fingers crossed I can do it again z
  5. AJB

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    I've had to knock my social life completely on the head! I should have been falling out of Faces nightclub drunk tonight but instead stayed in, ate my bar and called my mum! What a sad state of affairs LOL

    Still 100 days is only a short time in abstinence when you think about it :) we all know it works if you stick to it!
  6. Kik

    Kik Full Member

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    I too lost weight last year on LL - 4.5 stone felt fab & vowed never to go back - but I didnt do RTM & low & behold i have put 3stone back on :cry::cry: I really want to lose it & think I may do LL again but just dont know if I can afford it & will stick with it this time. I dont want to spend my life on & off this diet.................
  7. hanmac

    hanmac Getting her sparkle back

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    Lost 5 stone on Lighter Life and 1 1/2 on Exante! - Put about 2 1/2 stone back on so back to Exante!
    Congrats on your engagement Bexter!
    If I was you I would go back into foundation and then do the whole process, including RTM, you'll lose the weight in no time :)

    Theres a lady in my group who did it 5 years ago as well, and she is so much happier in foundation as like you said, she felt she didn't learn anything last time and wanted to learn from the beginning.

    Good luck and hope it goes well! xxx
  8. mrsrobinson

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    I'm starting LL again - I've done it once before and lost 1.5 stone in 4 weeks, but lost motivation. I've put most of it back on but want to try again. I spoke to my LL counsellor and she said its up to me, but because I only got up to week 4, she'd recommend starting the 100 days again. But there's no group starting until September, so I'm joining one that's already about 9 weeks through (they're down to 2 members so apparently would welcome the extra company!). I know this isn't the orthodox way of doing it but I'm very grateful to my counsellor for fitting me in at all (I'm a single parent so there are only very limited times I can attend meetings, so I can't attend refreshers until a new group starts). It'll be bizarre, but I so want to do this.

    Anyway, whichever way you do it, if you're determined, I think you'll get there. Or at least, that's what I want to believe! Good luck x
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