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Question about RTM


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Hiya, I know I'm a while away from RTM but I wondered if you have to be a certain weight/BMI before you can start RTM? I originally planned to do the 14 weeks of foundation then try and lose slowly on RTM but now wondering if I would be allowed or if I'd have to go onto lite or continue on total for longer?

Thanks for your help :) x
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I think the idea is to set yourself a target weight and go on RTM when you're ready. Obviously it's good to be within the healthy BMI before you start RTM.


hi Kim, this was a question I asked my LLC some weeks ago and she told me they wont allow anyone to start RTM until your BMI is at least 25
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That's interesting. Our LLC was saying the other week we should aim for "realistic" and "maintainable" target weights - in her opinion around BMI 27. I was quite worried I wouldn't be able to get where I want to go, as I want to get to BMI 23 or thereabouts. She then said the following week between 20 and 25... but didn't say there was a definite BMI you have to be before you can start RTM. She recommends doing LL Lite instead of RTM, which has confused me as I was planning on doing the slow RTM. You can do LL Lite once your BMI is 29 I think - but I'm going to stick with LLTotal for the full 100 days.

Will be interesting to hear what others have been told as it seems to vary quite a bit. We are also the last "closed" group in our area. From now on they take on new clients every four weeks and the programme is run quite differently, in a modular way.


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Just to add to the confusion, my LLC says you should move to RTM when you feel ready, there is no set BMI that you have to get to. I moved to RTM when my BMI was 25.3. But think it might vary counsellor to counsellor.
Myself and a friend in my group moved to RTM at the same time, we both found that it gets to a point where you just know you are ready for RTM! I just needed to eat and my body was going a bit crazy (feeling lightheaded, no energy) so I moved to RTM a bit earlier than I had intended to, but it worked for me :)
You can go onto RTM whenever you want to! Obviously you have to complete the 14 weeks of foundation and then you go to developers until you reach the goal you set for YOURSELF (your LLC can give you guidance but not set targets for you)
The only requirement is that you don't go below a healthy BMI.
Don't let your LLC set goals for you. And if they're trying to push you to do something you're not sure about don't take their word as gospel.
I was on absitinence for almost eight months and went onto RTM when I got to the goal I'd set of myself which was 23 BMI which is totally healthy.


very interesting how each LLC is different
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RTM has been on my mind all weekend. Sundays are always hard and usually I keep going by taking each day at a time. Im on week 9 and doing ok but not sure I could go on after foundation. I will probably have about 3/4 stone still to loose. Would it be better to go on to LLlite or go straight on to rtm?


RTM has been on my mind alot recently too, Ive decided im going to abstain until xmas and will start RTM after xmas and im really excited as I know from now until xmas I will get another stone + off , im size 12 at the minute so if i can get to 10 I will be delighted and I know once i start RTM etc I will put back on a bit of weight so if I creep back up to a 12 it wont bother me at all

everyone is different Kathryn, if you feel you really cant continue when you get to that stage you will have to move over to LLL thats what i would do
It's a eally tricky time of year with Christmas coming along and it's a time when people can go completely off track, especiialy if you're really close to goal.

My advice would be to get to goal before you start to reintroduce food. I've been lurking around here for over two years and I've lost count of the amount of people who say 'i'll lose the lat bit on RTM' and then come back a month later and say 'i'd wish i'd got to goal on abstinence'. You will inevitably put on a little bit of weight through RTM but it should end up that you're about what you finished abstinence at. It's a really tricky time and very easy to try to adapt the options to suit you.

The best thing? stick to what works. Get to goal and then do RTM. That's only my opinion I know but trust me, losing weight is the easy part. It's keeping it off that is the hard bit. And for me, it doesn't get any easier but the motivation to never end up the way I was gets me through being offered scrummy things I know I can't have because if I start, I won't stop!

Make the best decision for you!


thanks rachel....thats exactly what i thought i would do, your so right
Iagree with everything Rachel said.
Get to YOUR goal and then do RTM.
Beware the temptations of Christmas.
My last two Chritmasses have been very different. Not only have I been slim but they've not been all about over indulging and eating till you feel like you're going to pop. I give away the chocolates people give me and allow myself anything naughty I want on the day itself...just not the three weeks before and after as it used to be! If I'm honest, my favourite thing is sprouts (yes I know, I'm odd!)

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