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Question about shakes


No longer a redhead though!
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I'm new to the LP and I am finding it really hard to drink all 3 shakes due to the water intake which is really filling me up.

If I can only manage 2 shakes a day, will this affect the weight loss?

Thanks x
How much water are you actually drinking? I drink a litre on the way to work and another on the way home... have leaf teas and coffees during the day. I've heard that you are supposed to drinking water continually (sipping) rather than glugging down like I do.

I've missed a shake here and there for a variety of reasons, but i think missing permanently is not so great as you will be missing out on the essential nutritional balance.



No longer a redhead though!
S: 15st2.7lb C: 14st9.7lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 37.6 Loss: 0st7lb(3.29%)
I think you should really try to still have the 3 shakes to keep the nutritional benefits.

I tend to think of my shakes as 'fat medicine' maybe you could put less water in the shake and glug it down that way..... but keep up the straight water intake.



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Hiya, it's not really recommended to miss a shake because all three of them make up the barest minimum calorie intake that a person should have, and thats why we lose the weight so quickly, so to miss one regularly would be to put your body into starvation. I know the men's LT packs are only allowed two a day but they are more fortified and the XY's need to have more calories than we do.
I've missed shakes in the past three weeks I've been on it, one day because I was feeling unwell and any other occassions if I've cheated and had something to eat, in which case I've already had the calories allowed from my meal replacement shake, but then I've deprived myself of the essential nutrients I need everyday.
Have you tried making them up as a mousse if you can't stand the water? You might find them easier to eat that way (If you just think of it as angel delight) I think the strawberry one is the nicest made up like that so maybe give it a go.
What week are you on? Because you might also be able to try the 'flapjacks' (Or as I call them, dehydrated s***)
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Hiya.. I can only really echo what the others have said about trying to make sure you have all 3.. It's not just the calories, it's all the vitamins and minerals you need too (although some bright spark at LT forgot to add the fibre!! lol)

When i done LT the first time i could not stomach the shakes so i used to put bottles of water in the freezer, and shake them regularly so they did not freeze completely. They came out like crushed ice so i used to have my shakes like a slush puppie (ish!).. It made it a lot easier for me to drink them... It might not work for others, but it certainly did for me... A lot of mucking about, but desperate times call for desperate measures!! lol

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