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Question about the Spicy Tomato Soup


When i make the tomato soup theres always a thick film of granules at the top. even though it is thoroughly mixed its like as if these little granules just dont want to dissolve and then they stick to the back of my throat and make me feel sick.

I love the tomato soup and at first i ignored the grainy bits or would throw the top away but now im kinda feeling a bit sick from it...

does this happen to anyone else? am i doing something wrong? x
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No - it does it to me too. Not so much like granules, but there's definitely a layer, a bit like the 'crema layer' they talk about on fancy black coffee. I don't mind it, though.

Are you mixing it differently to the others, like it says on the packet?
Yeah I get that as well, the layer of white on top of the soup!

I just always have a spoon to stir the soup before I take a sip, it doesn't go to the top until it settles so it's grand then for me.
I find it is really important to mix a little cold water into all of the powder at the bottom first, make it into a loose paste, then add the hot. Any other way and it really is grainy.
i mix it just the way i mix the others... and whilst im having this one i am constantly stirring it to mix up the granules but it just stays grainy... aah well at least im not the only one. it was my fave soup but now these grainy bits r making me urgh! ive even used the blender on it.
yeah you have to make it slightly differently to the other soups, there are different instructions on the back to follow then and you should find it works better :)


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I mix a paste with cold water like it says to, but I still get this layer, but when I get a spoonful I just break through the layer each time. It doesnt really bother me but if you dislike it you could skim it off with a spoon?

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