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Question about the stix


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I know fort means strong..... :confused: Is there not an English translation on there??


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Weak, average, strong or Low, middle, high. That sort of thing. I think fort means extremely, or a lot, but you get the idea.


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hi dave , mine say the same , neg , traces, faible, moyen ,fort . i got them at my chemist . are other peoples different to this , so what should it be reading from that list . i have a colour chart under it


Strong women stay slim
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This morning , mine was fort 1.6 Do they all say the results like this , hard to understand really if you don't really understand what fort means


Strong women stay slim
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But is this a good thing 1.6 , it went dark purle straight away , i'm not sure if it should be that colour . Any help please is this normal ? I was told it should go pink but it was along way from pink
When I asked at my drop in on Monday they told me if it's too dark it means you're not drinking enough water.

Any shade of pink means you're in ketosis apparently.

Mine was a light pink and she still told me to drink more!


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BAsically if the stick changes colour you are in ketosis. The darker it is the more dehydrated you are. Dark pink is not good. It needs to be light pink. THOUGH it will always be dark pink in the morning.
What is the best time of day to test with the stick? :) The colour pink seems to vary with the time of day! ;)
Can I just say that the stix aren't that important. I have just finished my 100 days Foundation course. I think only twice did the stix show that I was in ketosis (ie a pink stick). To begin with, I was terrified that my Counsellor would think I had been cheating (which I hadn't!) When I spoke to her about it, she told me not to worry about it - I was clearly one of those people that either it didn't register, or that I was drinking so much water, the ketones were barely traceable. Whatever the answer, I still managed to lose 9lbs in one week and a total of 4 stone 5lbs in Foundation - so clearly fatburning!!

If your stix are working, you should be aiming for the paler pink. The darker the pink/purple, the more you need to drink!
I just want to add that despite being a consistent 4-6 litre a day water drinker my ketostix on LL were always dark purple - I always drank right up to weigh in and it made no difference so it doesn't always mean dehydration! It happened to a couple of others too.
And I'm like Madam Mimm - hardly ever 'turn the stick' (no cheating!) but I've lost 3½ stone in foundation and don't feel hungry, so something's definitely working...

I think the stix are a bit of a limited tool really.
I turned the stick quite a dark pink on Thursday night despite drinking at least 5 litres that day.

The woman doing the weigh-in said that men often turn the stick darker (although not always) and that quite a lot of women don't turn the stick at all (although again, no always).

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