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Question about weight loss and clothes

This may sound like a odd thing to ask, but as you lose weight what do you do about your clothes when they become too big? I don't have much money atm so I can't afford to keep buying replacements everytime I go down a size, so I'm hoping to make the ones I have last as long as possible. I do have clothes in 1 or 2 sizes smaller, but not many.
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A tough situation indeed. Definitely keep a belt or two handy, you should be able to get some cute ones for not-to-expensive if you don't shop at a pricey fashion store.

You can also wash clothes/pants in very hot water; this makes them shrink a little bit. They will have stretched out by the end of the day, but I have found this to be a little helpful in the past.

If you have any friends that sew, perhaps you can ask them to teach you how to take in seams? I'm no seamstress myself, so this is my weakest piece of advice.

Good luck in your weight loss endeavors! :girlpower:
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i keep mine and they go in the suitcase under the bed. :) i need to go through the wardrobe as i still have maternity stuff in there (but released all my old clothes every so often).
i know its expensive to buy new stuff but i buy off ebay. I had a pair of levis that i loved (they cost a small fortune) and i wore them out between the crotch (i think as i lost weight there was more material pulling as i sat down etc). so i bought the same size, same make (hardly worn) for 99p (i was well pleased). I then bought the same pair one size down (a bit tight to be honest but thats the xmas weight i put on lol) for 3.49 which were again hardly used. They look brand new.


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Bless her but my mum is ace on the sewing machine and has taken all my trousers/jeans/jog pants in for me! I'm now a size 20/22 and some of them are 26! It's make me feel so slim and lovey when they fit snug round the bottom! And that's also when people notice and say wow haven't you lost loads of weight!
Also i think it's important to have a couple of bits that fit lovely so you can feel good about yourself and new size! Why don't you try picking up a few bits going cheap on eBay? And even sell some? X


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If you have any carboot sales near you its well worth a look, you can get decent stuff for under £1, also jumble sales and charity shops, a good wash and plenty of comfort so they smell divine and bobs ya uncle
Also stick anything decent thats now too big for you on Ebay that way you make enough to cover the carboot/jumble/charity purchases
I gave away 6 pairs of size 24 jeans on freecycle that were tatty on the hems so no good for Ebay, join your local Freecycle/Freegal group
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I have been selling my too big stuff on ebay and buying smaller sizes also from ebay.

You can get some great bargains and loads of people seem to have a ton of stuff they have hardly ever worn. I have even re-sold some of the earlier stuff I bought as I have lost more weight.


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On ebay i search clothes by 'nearest first' to see who is selling stuff nearby- saves loads on postage fees


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I have had some great buys from my local charity shops. Especially jeans and tops. Sometimes find new designer items with labels on too! It is amazing what you can buy if you just go out with a tenner. I find this much cheaper than buying off of ebay as the postage is usually where people try and make their money :)


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firstly i worse stuff for as long as i possibly could....even with a belt in case of trousers although i hate them!!
i was constantly on the look out for cheap bits and bobs of essentials in charity shops too...managed to get jeans for £2.
made it known if any of my smaller friends were clearing out then id be delighted to see before they threw/charitied etc.....this was wonderful!!
i also obviously didnt expect a full wardrobe at every size....make do with a few essentials...few trousers/jumpers etc....you can wash and wear and if you are fully on the wagon it wont be long until you are out of it anyway!!
i found that the mixture of these things served me well and i wasnt ever really 'missing' anything i felt i wanted or needed.
that said im making do with an old winter coat...im size 8/10 now....coat is 14.....i swear people must see me out and think ive piled it back on again!!!
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Some stuff can last through a few sizes, especially tops and jumper dresses etc.

Everything that no longer fits i sell on Ebay, same goes for the kids clothes and toys etc, i made £500 last year i just let it build up in my Paypal account and it helped at Christmas.
Thanks for the replies :) I've got a sewing machine, but I'm not very good at using it, guess I should start practicing on a few cheap tops. I'll have a look on ebay, although I haven't gone down a full size yet theres a few things that I've only worn a few times that I probably won't get the chance to wear again or are out of season (hopefully I'll be smaller by the time summer comes around) so I guess I could put them on.


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you could suggest a "swap shop" at group to your C..

bring in stuff too big for you and swap it for something smaller..?
or try charity shops and do the same thing.. take in your old stuff and buy smaller stuff at a fraction of the cost.

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I agree some stuff can last a few sizes (and generally looks better an inch or so bigger, well on me anyway)
However, I wish I had thrown out my 'fat' clothes as soon as they were hanging off me, that way I wouldn't have been able to stay in them when i re-gained the weight :(
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However, I wish I had thrown out my 'fat' clothes as soon as they were hanging off me, that way I wouldn't have been able to stay in them when i re-gained the weight :(
I made this mistake last time I lost 3 stone with WW so now I am keeping the clothes that are still in great condition and i am going to put them all on ebay in one go !!


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I used ebay a lot last year. I went down a dress size and sold off most of my clothes, then the money I made I spent at the sales at Evans and got a few bits from Ebay too. There's some nice stuff on Ebay if you look properly, new stuff is much cheaper and the second hand stuff is in really good nick.

I got a parka coat from Littlewoo ds Clearance on Ebay for £6.99 the other day, it's really nice too and will be great for summer. I also got a pair of brand new Evans jeans still with tags for a tenner, should have been £35. If you search by brand/size then you get the good stuff. I like the So Fabulous range at Littlewoods/Very too.
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I put some up here on the swapping thread and try to sell some on eBay but the problem with most of my stuff is it has been altered to fit me - mostly the trousers have been made a mile shorter :p I had a think to myself though, and not that much of my stuff is worth selling anyway, I used to buy pretty much everything from Primark anyway because I didn't want to spend loads on clothes in sizes I wasn't happy in... So down the charity shop they go methinks :)



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i hate baggy trousers mine are hanging of me right now i have smaller sizes but all are to tight at the moment i buy alot from ebay and charity shops and intend on raiding my mothers wardrobes when i visit as shes a shopoholic and has about 5 double wardrobes full mostly still with tags on hehehe

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