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  1. artemis

    artemis Lil' Miss Naughty

    Lighter Life
    Quick question. Will it matter when i have my packs? I know as long as I have them in 24 hours it should be good but here is my problem.

    I have never been a day eater, I can go all day until 8pm without eating, though thats when the bingeing starts.

    I was thinking, would it be ok if i had my 2 savoury drinks during the day and then at 9pm (while settling in in bad) had my 3 packs in a soup and my bar?

    Or even better, 2 soups, 1 bar melted into a milkshake like a dessert?

    Sorry, im drooling now.
    Anyway, what do you think? My main naughty times tend to be night times at the minute where i go into crooked thinking.
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  3. icemoose

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    I used to have all my packs in the evening as that was when i struggled.

    It doesn't matter really when you have them but it matters that you have them.

    Therefore having them at night is totally fine.

  4. Miss_Bettany

    Miss_Bettany Full Member

    I have my first at 2pmish, and then the other three in the evening!
  5. Mrs Lard

    Mrs Lard Silver Member

    Hi Artemis

    I tried to have them when I thought I was hungry. Go with the flow; sometimes you will want more than one at a time, sometimes you won't. As Mike says, the important thing is that you have all four in 24 hours.

    Quick question - is your "naughty time" at night because you are so so hungry by then?

    Good luck with LighterLife!!!

    Take care.

    Mrs Lxx
  6. artemis

    artemis Lil' Miss Naughty

    Lighter Life
    Hi thanks for the advice all!

    Thats part of the reason Mrs L, but most of it is the boredom/binge factor. Its a habit ive always had. Though i know i self sabotage by saying i will have all four at night, but then go to the supermarket and talk myself down the protien path on occaision which leads to binging.

    So i have to be careful.
  7. silhouettes

    silhouettes Silver Member

    most people are fine with having the packs when they want, however with a few people having them all late at night can slow down weight loss because while you are sleeping you burn off fewer of the calories than if you have them during the day and are then moving around.
  8. loulouh79

    loulouh79 Member

    lighter life
    Oh i have been on LL now for 7 days, and have started to have a warm chocolate food pack around 10pm - Hmmm i shall have to stop that.
  9. Helen

    Helen Full Member

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    Hi Loulouh, if having a choc pack at 10pm works for you then I would stick with it for now. For the first 5 months or so I had a pack last thing at night and went straight to bed afterwards. I lost about 5.5 stone so I don't think it makes any or much difference to most people. Silhouttes mentioned some people having all packs at that time so I should think you will be ok.

    All the best on your LL journey!
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