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Question for a CDC

Anyone???? Anyone at all????
I think your spleen has some effect on your immune system. I would have thought that because CD gives you all the vits and minerals the body requires you should remain reasonably healthy throughout. I havent been ill at all whilst on this diet and have been going since May! Not even a sniffle!:D


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Hi Bish-Bosh, I'm not a CDC but before I started doing CD I thoroughly researched the diet and it's effects. Malnutrition can cause an enlarged spleen, but this should not be a problem as the CD packs provide 99.9% of the nutrition requirements for an adult. I've scoured the internet for articles that relate to splenic problems and can't find anything that links it to VLCD's. Hope this helps a bit.
Thanks guys, I didnt think it would but wanted to check xxx

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