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Question for CDC

:confused:Every morning i am in Ketosis.

In the day I have been doing a tiny amount of picking, which then at night takes me out of Ketosis which I understand how and why !!

The question I have is how am I then straight back in Ketosis,by the next morning as I understood it takes 3 days ???

Hope this makes sence,I do not have a CDC so have to ask these silly question on here.

Thanks again
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Hi there.

Your reading for ketosis should only be done in the morning for a true result.
Throughout the day you drink and have shakes which will dilute your stick and give you a false negative.
once you are in ketsosis and if you dont 'blip' on this diet you should remain in ketosis. Unless you do blip theres no need to keep testing for it! You should also be able to tell by any physical hunger that you may be able to feel as this will be a sign of being knocked out of K.

The moral of this story :D........only test first thing in the morning!

Good luck with the rest of your weight loss.

sorry i forgot to ask.........

why do you not have a cdc?

How/where do you get your cd supplies?
Have you filled out a MRF?
CD is (should be) only available through a cdc.
If you havent got a cdc and filled out a mrf how do you know the diet is suitable for you and safe and that you are doing it correctly?

good luck

me again

sorry i just notice u r in singapore and obviously it is suppplied differently there.

It is very early in the morning now and i will wake up soon i promise!!! :D

good luck.
yes I am in Singapore and sadly it just gets delivered to the door step

I did do the forms in the UK as I started CD for 3 weeks before coming back to Singapore

Thanks for your help!!!

so that means even thought I am picking I am still staying in Ketosis.So why oh why is no weight coming off ????

Ofcourse if you are picking it will deter your weight loss.

It will depend on what you are picking as to wether you come out of ketosis or not.

Try to deter from the picking as this may lead to other bad habits returning or to picking on the wrong stuff which again will work against you.

Only 100% effort will give 100% reults and weight loss to die for!!!

The better you are on the diet the shorter amount of time you will be on ss and then can learn to refeed with the maintenance. It will all be worth it in the end.
If you feel the need to pick all the time you may want to think about 790 where you are allowed certain protein based foods, salad and veg. Maybe you could graze on these without connsequence!!
Alternatively maybe put in a n extra shake for a couple of days to get you through. OR drink lots more water. How much ater are you dirnking at the moment. Water helps with weight loss and also fills you up.

Gotta do school runs now.

Have a good day.

Hiya you can be in ketosis and lose no weight at all because if you are eating 2000 calories of low carb food then you are still in ketosis (the atkins effect!)

At the end of the day ketosis simply means you are burning fat as all the carb in your body is depleted (glycogen), therefore if you put some carb in your body then it slows the loss down as it burns that first.

The best thing is just to not pick as this will generally cause problems, if nothing else it is just calories that will slow down your loss.

Make sure you drink loads of water and you'll be fine.


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