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Question for females...

Is anyone's period all over the place since starting the diet? To cut a long story short I am on my period like 10days then off like 5/6days. I have the mirena coil. This has been going on since last November. I thought if I take time off Exante and do another diet then my period will settle, well it never did though breaks were a bit longer at some point 2 weeks. Went to see my GP yesterday about it and she says there isn't much she can do. Implant, injection and pill are off the table for me. Implant produced too much hormones Iast time I ended up with cervical erosion. I put on so much weight on injection. Then the combined pill isn't suitable coz of dvt issues after having my son and a history of heart issues with my mum.

I feel so low and fed up. Does anyone know what else I can do. It's driving me mad **sob**, av got the worst pain and can't sleep. Thanks in advance x x

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I know hey! Am still in bed, hopefully pain will ease of and I can feel human again. X

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Divalicious said:
I know hey! Am still in bed, hopefully pain will ease of and I can feel human again. X

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I've been on the Exante diet since Monday 22/08/11 and my period was 5 days late. First time in years. And now that it's finally come (yesterday) I have incredible cramps. Something I've not experienced in years either. And it's very heavy, whereas normally it's just light for a day or two, then one medium day then light again. But I'm experiencing the type of period I had when I fist started... 14 years ago. Very strange.

I hope you feel better soon.
I'm not due on for a few weeks yet so can't tell you whether it's affected me.

I did have a coil until a few months ago though and I always found that my periods were heavy, painful and long. One of the reasons I got it out in fact.

How was it before you started exante?
I think it was a mirena coil I had. Is that the one without hormones in it?


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It's probably all the soya that's in the diet. Women who are going through the menopause are advised to take lots of soya cos it does something to the hormones to help with symptoms, so maybe it mucks about with the hormones of non menopausal women.

Sorry you're suffering. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon.

Val x
Hormone contraceptives give me constant periods so it might just be that being on mirena is doing it. As soon as I stopped using hormone contraceptives my periods just became normal. Not sure what they are like on Exante as I started the diet the same day my period started. Only thing I noticed was that it was a bit shorter than usual.
Thanks guys for your replies n the kind words. Yes mirena gives out a bit of hormones.
My periods were not regular, always late and lasted 2/3 days but now up to 10. It drains me and after all these months without getting any better am so bloody fed up.
Very interesting to know about soya and hormones, worth researching on. X

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aww sorry your having a rubbish time hun i had the marina coil a few yrs back but had it taken out i cant handle any extra hormones at all i just go completely off my head i had normal copper coil in and was fine down side is heavy painful periods but since having my sone its been great heavy periods but not so much of the pain thats the only thing i could reccomend i hope you get sorted out soon ((( big hugs ))) xxx
since startin the diet ive been on constantly i had a 4 day break and then straight back on and thats bad seeing i've been on exante for 6 weeks x hope you can sort ur periods out hun n if u find anytink that help plz let me no x
I'm on lipotrim (just lurking about the exante threads haha) but the diet has certainly effected my periods!!

The first time I was due it went all as expected, then BAM! A week later I was on again for a whole THREE miserable weeks! I think I may have had a couple unexpected periods that have lasted a day since then / but otherwise I don't think ive had my period for about 3 months now :/ eep!

Def not pregnant but I mentioned it to my pharmacist and she read the lipotrim booklet which explains the lack of calories n fat were consuming effects our hormones which can send our periods a bit loopy, so I imagine you girls on exante can experience the same thing!


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When I was on Cambridge diet I also had the mirena in - had had the mirena for 3 years previous without problems but about a month in to Cd i got horrid pains, periods every two weeks and nasty heavy ones at that. Eventually had to have it surgically removed as they found the strings had gone and the mirena had embedded itself - go see GP and get it checked x

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