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Question for those with no * weeks


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Hope this isnt TMI!

I dont have regular * weeks, haven't had a natural * week in 3 years from PCOS. However, I had an induced * week starting a few days before my initial weigh in. In week 4, I gained, and now in week 8, another gain. Does anyone else not actually having * week still get a gain at regular 4 week intervals?
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I take my pill packs back to back and only have a * week every 4 months (before anyone says anything, this is dr approved!), but when I did SW before I still found that the week my pill pack ends (i.e. week before * week would be) I tended to have small loss/STS/small gain.


Hey, I am on the depo so I haven't had a * week for like... 5 years..the odd occasion, maybe once a year... so no.. I do not have any issues... Although my depo is due this time next month so I maybe able to see whether my hormone levels will effect that weigh in as I had the depo the week i started I think xx


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I don't have * weeks for many years, as I had a hysterectomy 24 years ago at the age of 29, and have just gone through the menopause stage!
I still, however, found that every 4 weeks I had a small gain when I was trying to lose.
Even now, I still feel bloated every 4 weeks and my mood definitely changes

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Your body will still go through the process of a * week, even after they have stopped for any reason Hun, so the small gains that you are having sound about right.


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I am wondering if this is the reason I stayed the same this week, I have had a problem with my periods for about 7 years I can have 3-4 months without one and then one will start and last 9 months. It is about 6 weeks since my last one finished.


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I use to be on the Pill and had a gain/STS every 4 weeks, then i went on the depo injection (didnt have * week) and had gains/sts every 4 weeks, now i have an implant and i still have a gain/sts every 4 weeks lol

It still effects me whether it shows up or not lol xx
I was due to go on depo, but instead a different Doctor picked my case up and I have to have an ultrasound and (TMI) a camera up my veejayjay :eek: I am pleased though as although depo would stop me from having the periods from hell, at least she is making sure it's nothing serious :)


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woot, I'm normal then :) wish I still had * week though.

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