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Question on mix to max ??


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I'd say it's a red-green thing. It's there to give you flexibility with your meal choices that you are already building into your EE days by having red and green free foods at each meal.

So you have your red brekkie, green lunch and red dinner or whatever, and your superfree snacks...and then your syns whenever. You can still have your HEs with your meals, so being able to have potatoes with your steak, for example, is fine.

Are you asking whether you could still do that but then have an EE dinner, kinda thing?

I don't really do EE myself so perhaps someone who does it could suggest how it might work.


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It's ok, I think I had a blonde moment...lol. I managed to confuse myself somehow :(


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OK, I've just put my Mix to Max menu for today in my diary. Could those that 'know' have a look and check it for me as this is my first try at Mix to Max?


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If you do Extra Easy, there is no reason at all why one (or more) meals can be made from food totally green or totally red ... Easy has an extended free food list, but you do not have to have meat and carbs at every meal - just you are limited to 1A and 1B HE choices.

So in effect, you could have a red breakfast, a green lunch and an easy tea, but this would have to count as an easy day, not M2M.


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sorry, digging up an oooolllldddd thread here, EE just does not do it for me, am I right in believing that mix2max would give me a similar flexibility by being able to include elements of red and green in one day, but not one meal? And is superfree snacks obligatory or just suggested, I mean, would seafood sticks be out of the question unless incorporated into a meal? Any help much appreciated!
I once lost 6 st on mix2max in 2000/2001 and it's a great plan which was superseeded by EE but it def works.

Snacks are higher syn value so you have to snack on superfree or pay a huge price otherwise its 2 h/e s and have green or red at each meal, simples!


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Thanks, that's really helpful! 'Crap' snacks, such as chocolate and buns generally have a universal syn value whatever day don't they?

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