Question re A's & B's


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My consultant says no you can't, but i'm not sure how it differs from carrying over syns. I've given up trying to work out the science of sw ha ha.


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Try and think of it this way. Say you carry over your A's and B's for 3 days. And you also saved your syns and you had 45 syns to spend. On the 3rd day, you would be able to drink 900ml milk, 150g low fat cheese, 6 slices of wholemeal bread, and 2 potatoes (based on a red day) and that's without any free food or even thinking about spending your syns.

The message you would be sending your body is starve for 3 days then binge for 1. On the "lean" days, your body would think it was starving and on the "binge" days, your body would be spolit and want to hold onto all the fat/calories, in case it gets "starved" again.

This is roughly how my consultant explained it. Carrying over a few syns is fine, but not the HEX's.


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all the consultants i have had have said we're not allowed to carry sins over - they have to be eaten on the day or you lose them!

it's interesting to see others on here do carry sins over and still lose :)


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Not good to carry over HEX - remember the Bs are there as fibre so if you don't have them for 4 days then have them all at once......!!!


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I think with the syns carried over it's more a case of that day you're having flexi syns but making up for it by limiting them on other days. The idea of carrying them over stops you from having 15 syns Weds, Thurs, Fri then 45 syns (flexi) on Saturday. It's just a way of balancing it out. Our consultant doesn't advocate doing this regularly but will be understanding if you have an event and it's a one off.
It's only the same as a thin person having a big weekend then moderating after that to compensate.
For the HE's I agree with the previous comments, they're designed to provide your fibre and calcium which you need to have daily.


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I agree with the above. The plan is designed a certain way for a reason, and has a good degree of flexibility built into it, like utilising Flexi-syns when needed. HEXs are there to ensure that we are eating a good balance of things every day, and keeping up our levels of fibre, calcium, protein, etc. The whole aim of SW is to re-train towards eating healthily in day to day life... the weight loss is a bonus to amending poorer eating habits IMO.


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what I dont understand is, how come you can have either 1 or 2 options for your Healthy A? If you never drank milk then would you be missing out on some vitamins/goodness compared to others who are going for milk and cheese options? Would this effect your weight loss in a good or bad way? I'm only asking because I hardly drink any milk as I'm mostly drinking herbal teas.


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I don't tend to have a lot of milk myself as I mainly drink warm vimto or herbal teas. Are you having any cheese as your HEa?
Calcium helps you lose weight and has been proven to be most effective when the intake is through dairy products.