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Question re bars


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Hi, I've bought the book today and plan to start on Monday, whilst I was in town I went into Boots and bought some bars and also a shake (all Atkins branded), are the bars meant to be snacks or a meal replacement? It said they were suitable for all phases of the diet so I'm hoping they're ok, also I'm guessing the drink is a meal replacement which I've put in the fridge, thought it might be handy in an emergency if I'm stuck and don't know what to eat

Thanks x
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i have heard they can stall you, but i dont suppose thewy would much harm maybe 3 a week.

i havent had any but if it keeps you on track then i dont see a problem
I used them as a meal replacement but I don't think thats what they are meant for. Have to say I have now stopped them as they are not particularly healthy and now have 3 proper meals. They can also make you crave sugar and stall you so beware

Originally, they used to say not on induction, then the sales patter took over.


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ok thanks guys, I'll keep them more for emergencies and not rely on them.
Yes, the bars can be a bit addictive - I got used to having one each day with cups of green tea. If you can do without them, try not to 'treat' yourself. And they are a bit pricey......
i ordered some off ebay and they came today the chocolate decadance, just as a snack as i miss sweet things, i dont understand the carb G tho, as on the front of the pack it says

total bar- 2.1 net carbs (out of your 20 a day)

but on the back in the list of ingredients it says-

of which sugars -1

im confused x
I guess the rest would be polyols which are a type of sweetener but absorbed slowly into the body, avoiding the sugar spike and slump. Used a lot in diabetic foods
Jim refers to them as 'Frankenfoods' ;-)
what i mean is, when you look at the back of the bar it says 19g carbs...
so i would think eek thats my daily allowance but on the front it says 2g



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if its atkins bar go for the 2g it says on the front :)

I hope they dont stall too much as from reading this thread have got a bit scared. In my first week and still in it I've had five in total!! One a day, is this bad?! :cry:

I weighed myself yesterday morning and said I lost 3lbs but now I just hope this wont affect it when I weigh myself on the full week on Wednesday. Its TOTM too, will that affect my weight loss?
You'll probably be Ok Laura. Don't fret about it love.

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