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Hi there, I started today. Currently 11stone 8 and only 5'3". Heaviest I've been in over 8 years. Damn ice cream with all the sauce🙈 I want to be 8 stone 5. So the journey has begun. I did exante a couple of years ago and LOVED it. I was 11 stone and lost 1.7 stones in the first month then 1.6 the second. The shakes are AMAZING IF made in the right way. Get yourself a cheap smoothie maker, I have the Breville one from Amazon at £18 but Argos now do one for £9.99. SO, put your 200ml of water in the bottle, add yoir chosen flavour then a good amount of ice (not too much or you'll water it down) I use 4-5 chunks around 3inch in size. Blend for a minute then pour into your favourite glass with a straw and enjoy. They taste completely different made this way. Heaven for me personally. Drink as much water as you can and avoid anything else if you want VERY FAST RESULTS. Good luck.
Can anyone tell me how to start a post of my own please? I'm new to this site. x
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