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Question re Chicken Soup??

S: 13st3lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 2st4lb(17.3%)
i have pepper but dont have salt
S: 24st4lb C: 19st12lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 37.7 Loss: 4st6lb(18.24%)
im just naughty and put half a teaspoon of hot curry powder in mine i have also had black pepper and it greatly improves the taste:)


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Technically you are not meant to have anything even though I know that people do add stuff and seem to have good losses.


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garlic is full of carbs so dont add that lol( youd have to eat a fair bit but it is hefty for its size in carb content), i have always had mine with pepper and chilli powder, however liportim reckon pepper is a no no, so I have two a week with pepper and the rest just with chilli, salt is defo a no no as it may make you retain fluid x hths x


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Adding anything is a definate no. I know some people do though.

Remember we are not allowed berries and pepper technically is a berry.

and DEFO don't add salt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My advise, dont add anything :)


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I really look forward to my chicken soup of an evening. I use ground black pepper and let it steep in a little hot water first so it releases the flavour (hence don't need to use much at all) then add the soup.

Sometimes I use chillie flakes and once in a blue moon i added thai green curry paste. But that has a smidgeon of citric acid in so a big no no - so now use a curry powder.

No salt.
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pepper has lots of carbs in a tint 28g tub theres 68.2 carbs :O i just rang the lipotrim helpline and tehy said not 2 add any salt,pepper curry powders in to the diet as it can bring u out of ketosis,,thankfuly iv only had 1 soup with sum pepper in so hopfully wont cause to much damage otherwise ill be gutted:(


No longer a redhead though!
S: 15st2.7lb C: 14st9.7lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 37.6 Loss: 0st7lb(3.29%)
Don't panic yummy mummy. A 28g tub of pepper is a lot really compared to the amount you actually use in a serving.

I've used ground black pepper in every single one of my chicken soups. So soup x days of week x no of weeks = soup x 7 x 5 = 35 soups!! I have never come out of ketosis.

I believe that you need to be taking in over 20 carbs a day to come out of ketosis.
I too have been adding freshly ground peppercorns every night to my soup for the last 11 weeks, my weekly WI's are still good, so don't believe it causes too much damage - that said, it's down to the individual to decide....to add....or not to add....that is the question!

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