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Question re yoghurt


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Hi all

I know I'm not really allowed yoghurt on induction (OK not at all :cry:, I love greek yoghurt) but I want to try a recipe for spicy lamb, which involves marinating the lamb in spices and 150g yoghurt.

The lowest I can find is Total, 4 carbs per 100g. If I water the yoghurt down, does that halve the carb content - or doesn't it work like that?

Otherwise, can anyone suggest an alternative?

Thanks, as always! :)

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4cabs per 100g isnt that bad if its a dish you can split into portions?

id marinate and scrape of the excess before plating up....treat yourself ;)


Clean green leafy machine
S: 24st11lb C: 21st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 52.6 Loss: 3st8lb(14.41%)
Thx all for your suggestions. Think I might try the spices (without the yoghurt) in the slow cooker and then add some cream at the end.

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I've been eating Total Greek yogurt for ages and it hasn't seemed to cause any trouble for me. I'll have a bit in a dish with a sprinkle of Splenda - very rich, and very yummy.

I remember another Low Carb forum I used to visit, and the belief there was that it's hard to get an accurate carb count on yogurt because apparently a lot of the active bacteria in yogurt can lower the sugar content. So if the yogurt is quite low in sugar anyway, chances are it won't be too bad for you.

Mmmm, yogurt. Must go buy more!


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you can always substitute cream for the yogurt.. x
in a marinade it's the bacterial cultures within the yoghurt that enable the flavour to penetrate the meat. Cream is only useful in sauces really.


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Lidl greek yoghurt is only 2.8 nc per 100g, i have it for breakfast; though im on OWL.
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I didn't know that about yoghurt. I need to marinade something now :D


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Ooooh, Zim, I'm getting that - really missing yoghurt and I could afford it most days.
Was really upset this morning when I opened my last (of course it would be) tub of Total ff greek yog and found it was all curdled and split - had to nip to Tesco on way to work to pick some up and then take the other back to Morrisons tonight and stock up. It was horrid - never had that happen before!
Bren xx

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