Question Regarding Perfectly Clear


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Hi all i have just bought a bottle of P erfectly Clear Summer Fruits, now i know that it's Strawberry and Kiwi we are meant to drink but........ on my bottle of summer fruits it say's Carb free and Calorie free but it does have Citric Asid and i know a lot of you say that citric asid can knock you out of ketosis is that right?? how can that possibly be when it is Carbohydrate free?

Mabye i have got this completely wrong and if i have sorry:eek:
Hi Tracie

The people who drink the Perfectly Clear tend to stick to the strawberry and kiwi as it is made with malic acid rather than citric acid. For some people, citric acid can kick them out of ketosis, and/or can lead to cravings so it's not advised - sorry :(
MMMMM but how can it kick you out of Ketosis when it has no Carbohydrates in it? thats what i dont understand.

When we are in Ketosis to kick us out of it we need to eat over a certain amount of Carbs and it is Carb Free :eek:
Does anyone have the link to this please?? as i just can't understand how something with no Carbohydrates in it can take you out of Ketosis :eek:

Many Thanks
Yep krebs cycle...dig out or Dr Atkins New Diet revolution!