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Extra Easy Question???????????????????


Back to basics
i must admit i struggle with veggies, so prob don't get full 1/3 a day but do try and hide veggies in sauces and things, because my mummy always said they were good for me :D and when i did it previously before i was pregnant did lose one and a half stone
Quote: The key is to make sure that a third of your plate is superfree food.

Majority of people talk about this but in the SW literature it says that only if you want super-fast results do you have to do this.

Does anybody not follow this and still lose weight?

I think the key to this is how good you are with portion control. If you are good at controlling portions and knowing to stop when you are satisfied and not when you full and about ready to pop, then you will still have success without the 1/3 superfree.

However, if you are not great with portion control it is very easy to over indulge on just carbs and proteins, which while are still free foods are the higher in calories of the free foods and there does come a point where if you eat too much of them, without the lower calorie superfree foods, you will be consuming far more than your body physically needs and will perhaps not see the good result you were hoping for.

Hope that makes sense :)
I just checked my sw book and it says nothing about ONLY filling your plate with 1/3 superfree to help your losses.

It actually states many times through the book 'Fill 1/3 of your plate with superfree food'.

Do you have an old book by any chance as I knoe the old success express plan used to say you coukd speed up your losses by increasing your superfree to 2/3 of your plate. Extra easy is different though, the 1/3 is necessary for the plan to work.
i have done EE all week and my meals have not been 1/3 super free but i dont eat big meals as i have never been a big eater anyway (just eaten the wrong foods). I just make sure my snacks are super free, so i will have fruit or cottage cheese with cucumber, carrot and celery etc. I have lost 5lbs this week so its worked for me.

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