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Err no! Although to be honest I have found in the past that my hunger does diminish when I have really got into the zone. Good luck with your weight loss anyway I am just coming up to my second week also, first weigh in tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
I was exactly the same last week had about three days when I didn't want to eat much and then the next couple of days I couldn't stop eating
its really weird isnt it - i had to have a green day yesterday so I could have a big plate of SW chips!! Terrible, and the weird thing is I dont really even like chips, but the SW ones are amazing - Im sure it'll settle down. Glad to hear its not only me!! x
Hi natalieroberson, W I was on Monday, lost 2 and half pounds. I also have ravenous days and days when I struggle to eat much at all. At the moment I am just thinking sugar!!! Texted my consultant to ask her about a cheesecake recipe she has and she texted me straight back, she is great. Anyone want to know it?
Well done on your weight loss! You must be really pleased! I weighed in on weds and lost 1.5 lbs. J said to my consultant that I was disappointed and she had a look over my diary and said that it was because on occasions when I was skipping meals! She said that it was quite common and that it should settle down. Another thing that's troubling me somewhat is that I am eating copious amounts of fruit, veg and fibre yet I am finding it difficult to go to the bathroom if you know what I mean. I do hope it begins to settle down as I think it's affecting my appetite and weight loss! X

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