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I don't have experience of this but personally wouldn't risk it as it could (would?) put you out of ketosis and set you back 3/5 days on the LT...

Sure someone will help out with their own experiences though :)
I am not sure but I would think that as LT works by putting you in ketosis if you stuck strictly to atkins rules of protein only you might be ok. Alcohol is a no no though. Why don't you ask on the atkins thread for advice on what you could have. Its a risk though.


Here we go again!
No way would I do it, it's not worth all the hard work getting back onto the shakes. Also alcohol is a definite NO. It is dangerous to drink on LT and I would not do it.

Each to their own though so it's up to you. If you think you can get straight back on LT tomorrow go for it but I don't think I could.


Here we go again!
I personally wouldn't think that's safe but maybe contact LT themselves to find out exactly. If you had a bit more time to get out of ketosis perhaps that would have been better. Hope it all works out for you.
For the sake of just one night out, I wouldnt bother hun. You'll crave food if you eat as you'll most probs come out of ketosis and alchol is a defo no no!! xx
ok im going to do i know i seem week but want a good night had a bad week when i went on it b4 i didnt for 5 months but just had a hard couple of days so i figure if i eat now i should be ok to drink later at the meal
If you search the previous postings on here a lady ended up in hospital very poorly as she drank a small amount of alcohol on a night out. her body started to shut down. I would read that before you make your decision. Its up to you, I know how you feel coz i am on the last day of week 3 and I have really struggled. i am not hungry but I have been craving food. x


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Dont do it!!!!!!!!

You don't need the food or alcohol and it will be there once you have finished LT.

Your only going to make it harder for yourself!!
sorry guys but have eaten loads of carbs and goin to drink tonight right now i dont care i know thats really awful considering how hard i have worked thankyou for all your advice though
OMG just read the link about the dangers of alcohol when in ketosis. Defo don't go anywhere near the stuff!!!!!


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Shame - you probably could have lost that 18lbs within a few weeks if you had just stuck to it.

Good luck though.

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