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Questions, questions, questions


Minimin Addict
Thank you for answering my last question, i've thought of a few (dozen) more :D Been to my Dr today and have been prescribed xenical, the only thing is he didn't actually give me any instructions about what to i can or can't eat. I said i was doing ww and he said thats fine. Having read stuff on here is it less the 15g per meal? I don't tend to eat 3 set meals but i'm going to try as i need to get into the habit. For snacks is it anything that has less then 5g fat in 100g? Am i ok sticking with ww? do you think that i would still lose weight? I'm hoping with so much to lose it will drop off (well i can dream)
I also saw somewhere (may have been the ww section) that you only lose weight with xenical if you eat fat but surely thats not true because then you'd just get nasty side effects.

Sorry for the mamoth post, just want to get it right and succeed this time around :)
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It's not just for snacks that the 5% rule applies, its for all food. everything you eat should be 5g of fat per 100g of food product ( or less), and that your total fat in each meal should be no more than 15g of fat. WW is fine to do while on Xenical, however if you rely on a lot of WW ready meals, then make sure of the fat content, not all of WW products are less then 5% fat, a lot of them are a lot higher than that.
And no, its not true that you only lose weight on Xenical if you eat fat. And also no side effects do not mean the tablets are working, side effects only mean you've eaten too mush fat. Losing weight shows that the tablets are working :)
Good luck


Minimin Addict
Ok it think i'm starting to get it, so if i had a meal with something i little over the 5% rule but everything else i ate had very little (so under the 15g) that might be ok? Looks like i'm going to have to give my wotsits up :(
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It's all trial and error hun as none of us react the same way. Some people can have eggs ( they're about 11% fat), some people will have a reaction pretty much straight away, others might have a reaction 48 hours later. The only way you'll know if you can have something that is a wee bit over the 5% rule is to either try it and see what happens, or else don't eat it .
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im not doing weightwatchers BUT i do eat some of the weightwatchers meals/snacks with my xenical... i never count calories or points , just fat ... its 5g rule ALL the time and 15g of fat in total per meal.. i try for no more then 45g of fat per day and thats with the snacks xx

congrats on getting the xenical x
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Hello and good luck , sticking to the 5g rule can be hard but through time you will find out what "you" can get away with , like eggs and porridge are both things higher than 5g but both very good for you , as everyone is different it's trial and error for a start.
S: 21st4lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 7st3lb(33.89%)
Thanks for your help. Starting today and very nervous! Both your weight losses are amazing, are they all down to xenical? You look fab, hope i have as much success!
Yep pretty mush all down to Xenical. I've had 2 breaks where I tried something else ( Rosemary Conley and then SW, but to be honest my heart really wasn't in either of them :rolleyes: lol)
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xenical all the way for me =] xx
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And also no side effects do not mean the tablets are working

Can you explain what you mean by that?

I'm on Day 3 now....and no side effects whatsoever...but I feel, if anything, the pills are making me too scared to eat....as you say its trial and error...eat something, then wait for a side effect...but I'm finding I'm just tending towards the zero fat foods because I'm too scared to eat even small amounts of fat

Totally the wrong attitude i know...
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I think Ali means that just because you don't have side effects, it doesn't mean the tablets are not working.
Xenical will do its job on whatever you eat, whether your meal contains 1g of fat or 60g of fat.

Basically Xenical works by clinging onto a third of the fat in whatever meal you eat so that it passes through your body, and comes out in your stools.
Say if you ate a meal with 9g of fat in it, 3g would go straight through, and 6g would be absorbed by your body in the normal way. This wouldn't be a big deal, and you wouldn't get side effects because 3g is a tiny amount, and your meal was well within the 15g rule :)
Say you went out and had a meal containing 60g of fat, 40g would be absorbed by your body (which wouldn't help your weight loss) and 20g would be passed out in your stools. This WOULD be a big deal, because 20g is a lot of fat to come out in one go, and you would probably experience the tango effect!!

Does that make sense?
It's almost like Xenical has a dual purpose....it helps you all the time by getting rid of a third of the fat in whatever you eat (when you take the tablet) but it also helps prevent you from eating fatty foods, as you'll be scared of getting the side effects!

Having said all that, don't be afraid to take the tablets or to eat fat. Xenical will punish you if you go overboard, but normally most of just experience very slight side effects if we go over out fat allowance by a little bit.
It's not all-or-nothing by any means. If you go over your fat allowance just slightly, you're not suddenly going to be stuck in the toilet all day, it'll be more subtle than that, and then you'll know for next time :)

Good luck with these tablets, they really do work :)
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What I mean is that *side effects* that most people infer to are things like leakeage and *tango-ing the toilet* and these happen when your fat intake is too high. The proof the tablets are working are you have weight loss and that because you have none of these horrible side effects, you're also making great life style changes that will hopefully also be permanent :) It actually worries me the amount of people who think that because they've not had such awful side effects that tablets can't be working :(
In the nearly 2 years that I've taken the tablets I've not had one side effect like that, at most, my erm wind might be a bit more fragrant :rolleyes: but that's the extent of any so called side effect I've had.

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