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Questions, questions, questions


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Hope you don't mind some questions. I'm not really doing any diet at the moment and i have about 150lbs to lose. I tried cambridge but i didn't like the shakes so it didn't last long. I need to get my eating under control and i'm thinking a vlcd might be the way. I've heard that lighter life is very expensive, is that true? how much is it and Whats included? are there many flavours? again i was told there was only the basics. Most of what i've heard about it is from a cambridge diet veteran so i'm not sure how accurate it is. I've seen some amazing results and i'd love to be one of them.
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about £70. (but compare that to your weekly shop, takeaways, drinks, meals, snacks out...it really aint that bad)

Thai chilli

Chilli con carne


nut fudge

Have I missed anything else fellow LL-ers?????

The big thing is the councilling and changing the way you think about food whilst the food is taken away and you are sustained through the packs.

So far so good for me.


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No flex - think you have it well and truly covered.

Nicky LL is the best decision i have ever made. I am down almost 5st in 14 weeks. The first week can be a bit ropey but after that it just gets easier and easier and the weight just falls off. Def rec it :D


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I panicked when I saw that lighter life is 70 pounds a week, but then I added up everything I would usually eat and was amazed, i'm actually saving money! And it's so nice not having to go to sainsburys or plan meals, I always know that I have enough to eat and never have to worry about portion sizes, as that was my biggest weakness. I've lost 12ibs in one week and I feel so much better already. I can't believe that I don't feel hungry...but it's honestly true! The other day I struggled to eat my 4th pack as I just wasn't hungry.

I was a bit sceptical about the group sessions as i'm quite a private person, but they have been a revelation for me, as I find myself looking forward to them every week and talking to people in the same situation, who have had the same problems in the past. It makes a change as all my friends are super skinny, so is nice to have group friends who I can identify with and who understand what LL is like. It's also a good form of motivation as knowing that you are going to be weighed by somebody else stops you cheating! And I know that if I slip off the wagon, i'll be dissapointed and i'd feel bad for leaving my group.

It's probably the best decision i've ever made to start LL and I just wish i'd done it sooner.
Good luck! :) x

(sorry i've written a bit of an essay!)


Getting her sparkle back
No flex - think you have it well and truly covered.

Nicky LL is the best decision i have ever made. I am down almost 5st in 14 weeks. The first week can be a bit ropey but after that it just gets easier and easier and the weight just falls off. Def rec it :D
Wow Iwillgetthere! 5st in 14 weeks is amazing!
I hope i'm as successful as you :)


Determined to succeed
You will Hanmac - as long as you do exactly what they say and stay abstinent the entire time. I have heard people who have slipped saying that it is really difficult to get back into ketosis again. Dont be tempted and then you dont have to worry. Because the weight comes off so quickly it keeps you really motivated. I love it
Nicki, I just wanted to say that if you do a VLCD it is probably best to think of the soups and shakes as almost medicinal - ie they are there to provide you with essential nutrients etc rather than taste nice. Personally I really like the shakes and tolerate the soups. If you go into it expecting things to taste *just ok* rather than great you may find it easier to stick to! Good luck with whatever plan you follow!
I just use the sticks at the meeting but seen them on sale in boots.

To my knowledge I've nit gad bad breath. Just keep drinking and brushing teeth.
It is very good advise to think of the packs as nutrional...medicinal....not as "food". An open mind makes anything palatable. ;)

I too had 140 pounds to lose, and had tried for half my life to do it. LL is the only thing that saw me through, painlessly, from start to finish.

It took only 10 months! What other plan can offer you that in less then a year!! And nearly 2 years later, it's still off!! It was the only way I knew I could get to goal..and I did. It is so easy to follow, and so fast - there is just no way to lose....but to lose! :D

Good luck to you!


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What about the toffee bar? A particular favourite of mine ;)

Oh and just to add in agreement with the others - LL is the best money I have ever spent - I know that if I stick to it 100% I will lose a stone a month - how many other plans can make such a promise?


Getting her sparkle back
The toffee bar is my fave too! And can make it last ages, absolutely love them :)


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I have to keep it in the fridge so its more chewy and lasts longer - otherwise it would be down in one and barely touch the sides LOL

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