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Quick.....opinion needed!!!


Now to maintain.....
i missed weigh in on monday as my youngest was ill so i couldnt leave her with a friend as planned because hubby was working.

i could go to class tonight....it'll prob be a sts....but i really for some reason hated missing it and feel urge to go to class!!

do i go to diff class i have chance to tonight???? and prob sts or wait until mon but maybe have lil loss???


also can i even do this?? i know you usually can but ive just started a countdown so not sure if i still can??
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I personally would go to the class tonight and get weighed in.

I sometimes go to a different group using my countdown, but I dont stay to class as i'm still not that confident around new people and I dont know anyone there :eek:

If you didn't go you lose 1 week of your countdown and that would never do :D


Now to maintain.....
pmsl dilema over......i cant go now! so it doesnt matter!
I'd go too hun. Even if it is sts its better than a gain. I know when I miss a class I think I'll do better next week and get a loss but then lose motivation half way through the week. I'm sure you wouldn't, thats just me. Good luck
What is countdown please?
Sue - a countdown is where you pay upfront for 6 or 12 weeks. You pay for 5 weeks for the 6 week C/D and 10 weeks for the 12 week C/D.
It's to keep you commited BUT you must pre book all holiday weeks when you buy the countdown as they can't be added afterwards.
Only drawback is if you are genuinely sick then you lose a week but it does stop people "pulling a sicky"


Now to maintain.....
Why cant you go huni?? xx
just somethings popped up so i cant.
im ok about it though-happy and looking forward to monday :)


Fighting the bulge
Well that stops the indecisiveness then haha.

I think you shouldve waited til monday, then you've got a boost to get some off before then and not have a STS in your book.

You can do it huni, im chasing you haha x
Thanks Jaylou !!
lol I didn't see you couldn't go when I posted.
Good luck for monday, hope its a loss for you xx

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