Quick question from a newbie


Hi there, just have a quick question ... I started on a VLCD on Monday (Kee Plan, similar to CD) and all is going well :)

This morning I woke up at 6am - absolutely wide awake, full of beans which i haven't felt in months. I'm up, showered, dressed and raring to go!! I can't believe it - is this to do with ketosis?? Does it give you this much more energy?

WOuld be great if it is as I feel on top of the world - also had a look at the scales this morning and I've lost 6lbs since Monday! I've been really down with stress and depression over the last few months so feeling how I do today is a big thing for me.
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Hi and welcome. You can buy ketosis sticks at a chemist if you want to check. But it was the funny taste that I used to get when in ketosis that did it

Good luck and congratulations on your loss

Irene xx


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Hi and :welcome: to Minimins :)
Can't help with VLCD's but wish you good luck on your weight loss journey x


welcome to minimins! and well done on starting your VLCD journey!

Yes, that definately sounds like the first throws of ketosis :)
I was pumped with energy for almost 3 days, found it hard to sleep, I felt like I wanted to go out running instead!

However, it does subside - by day 8 or 9, I was back to feeling normal.
I think it's just the initial reaction of the body in going into ketosis, it's not a long-term thing. If it was, a VLCD would be FAR easier! lol

Enjoy it while it lasts though, it's a fantasic feeling! :D