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  1. kakazz

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    Good morning i have been doing herbalife for a bit but i find it so expensive and i wondered is it similar to slimfast please, i tried the banana ready made shake and i thought it very nice so may change over.
    Sorry if its not a good question but any help would be great
    kaz x
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    I have heard, but It's only hearsay, that the only difference between Herbalife and Slimfast, is the sugar content. I do remember Googling, "Difference between Herbalife and Slimfast", and a lot of responses came up. May be worth a look?

    I quite agree, £107 a month, which is what I was told that Herbalife would cost, is miles more than what my Slimfast costs per month. I also ust the Tesco's own Ultra Slim, which as far as I'm concerned, is no different, and a fraction of the price.

    Hope this helps. x
  4. kakazz

    kakazz Member

    thanks for the reply i think i am going to change over to slimfast as i have not heard anything from my distibutor for a while and i can get the slimfast products a lot easier

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