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Quick question.

Hello all,
Just wondering if you could help me out. I am on week 3 of lipotrim, my weigh in is tomorrow.
Every week I go as soon as they open so I can get weighed before I have my shake or lots of water. But last week I was told the pharmacist wouldn't be there until the afternoon so I had to go back then. So when I got weighed, it showed that I only lost 2.5lbs.
Do you think it could be because I'd been drinking through the day, or just that I didn't lose much that week. The pharmacist wasn't very nice about it, made me feel guilty and I hadn't even cheated!

Thanks for any help you can give me.


1. Lose my giggly belly (from having 2 babies)
2. Lose 3 stone
3. Wear a summer dress
4. Lose 4 stone
5. Get to a size 14
6. Get hubby to buy me Levi jeans. Never been able to get my size before.

Week 1: 11lbs off
week 2: 2.5lbs off
week 3:
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Back on the diet train...
hey hun ur chemist sounds horrible, they shouldnt make u feel like that. its hard enuf anyway on this diet without the guilt trip. :mad:. is there no one else u can go 2?

with regards to the weight loss it shouldnt really make a difference if u av water/shake or not but ur body fluctuates throughout the day so could just be that. also sumtimes u can av 1 week where u lose a little then the next lose loads!!!

but aslong as u followin the diet properly, drinkin the water u shud b ok. this diet says u can lose a stone a month so it could b 3lb each wk or like my mum lost it one month 3, 2, 3, 7.

hope this helps hun, good luck 4 next weigh in. :)
Thanks for that. Made me feel better. Hopefully tomorrows weigh in will get me back on track.
I dont care what the chemist thinks of my weight loss, as long as I'm happy it doesnt matter.

Thanks, and good luck to you too.



Back on the diet train...
good 4 u hun. thats all that matters at the end of the day!!! just keep at it!! good luck 4 ur weigh in. :)


serial poster
id say it does make a difference with your weigh in. last time (as in when i lost weight two years ago with LT) i tried both and my scales weighed the same as the chemists and there was a difference of several pounds from teh mornign and the afternoon, purely cause id drunk nearly 4ltrs by then! that chemist has a bad attitude :) doesnt help when this is a difficult way to lose weight at the best of times.

anyway, good luck with tomorrow and im sure itll be a great loss

h x


My husband = My hero
Well done for loosing 2.5lbd hunni!

Google 1lb of fat and then be proud that you have lost at least 2 and a half of those!!

I think you will get a nice surprise at your next weigh in, and you can tell the chemist to go and run!



Here we go again!
I agree with everyone else, your chemist doesn't sound too nice or encouraging.

To get over this hurdle myself, I make sure I've had my first shake of the day and then get weighed every week, at least that way I know the weight is pretty much accurate from week to week.

Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow. I started the same day as you so I'm due my third weigh in tomorrow too, here's fingers crossed for us both!
Thanks everyone. I'm just going to stay positive whatever I lose.
Lauren, your baby girl is gorgeous. My baby girl is 7 months now, the time has gone so fast.

Well, i'm off now to relax. Still need to drink a bit more water, going to be weeing all night! lol

Night night everyone x

Oh and good luck Bev with your weigh in tomorrow.
Drinking water can make a massive difference in weigh in. I bought a Wii Fit this week and I had weighed myself in the morning and then had my shakes and 4 litres of water, played on the Wii Fit when I got home and I had put on 4lbs!!!

Ive experienced this on my previous VLCD attempts.

If you experience that attitude from the Chemist again, I would report them. Seriously. They are professionals and should not be judgemental.


My husband = My hero
Thankyou sweetheart :) she's an angel! Xxx
Lost 7lbs this week!!!! YAAAY! Half a stone lighter. So happy.

20lbs lost in 3 weeks. Roll on week 4.



My husband = My hero

Just knew you have a good week babe!!!

Hope you told your pharmacist to kiss it!!

Well done hunni xxxxx


Back on the diet train...
thast great hun. :D

u c its just how ur body is releasin the fat. hope u told ur chemist 2 kiss it!!! :kissass: lol.

good luck 4 next wk hun.
Thanks everyone. My chemist was okay this week. Actually quite nice. He even said I had good loss last week (I did feel like saying, "why didn't you say so then?" but I didn't).

I'm happy anyway. Just hope my body stays at a good pace now. The good thing is, with all this hot weather I dont want to eat anything anyway. So it should get easier. Saying that, I am really looking forward to a tomato and sliced beetroot!

Good luck everyone with your weigh in's this week.

Hey there

Congratulations - thats fantastic. 20lbs in 3 weeks - good for you.

Stick with it - you are doing fab!!!

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