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I am right in thinking that you can freeze the tetras? If so how long od you leave them in the freezer for and do they just come out of the box or do you eat them from the box if you see what i mean, would love to try it but not sure how to do it.

Thanks Busy XX
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I hate choc tetras out of the carton. I find them reaally rich!

I have froze one... and I left mine in the freezer overnight. I have also had one sitting in there for about 5 days now... I shouldn think it really matters... I think I'd use it within a week or so though! (So I dont forget about it)

I cut mine out of the box... before I put it in the freezer I opened out the flaps on the top of the carton to leave a little extra space in the carton so it could expand (if needed), but also so I could get in!

When I opened the carton I popped it into a bowl... i kinda chipped at it and ate it all in tiny mouthfuls... took about 1/2 hour... but tasted sooooo much nicer than when u drink it!
A bit like chocolate ice cream (but more like sorbet)

If you left it on the side for a little bit I'm sure it would be easier to eat... (I was too impatient) :)

Overall verdict: Yummy! :)


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I freeze mine overnight and then zap it in the microwave for a few seconds to thaw it out so it's like ice cream.

Only have them now and again though as i'm sure after that the nutrients are well and truely destroyed!!!!!