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Quick Question

Hi All,

Just wondered if anyone could help with my question....

I like to make my shakes up with quite alot more water than the recommended minimum. I just wondered therefore if that meant that I don't have to drink quite so much plain water? I'm on my 3rd week now and am still really struggling with drinking the 4 pints a day. It makes me feel very uncomfortable and sometimes quite sick. :(

Im hoping that as I am drinking almost a pint with each shake that I dont have to force down quite as much as 4 pints of water on its own.

What do you think??

Thanks guys.

You are all doing great by the way :D

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If you are making up your shakes with extra water, then yes, the extra water can count. However, I would still at least try to do the four pints of water on top as it all helps. Also, not nice things can happen if you don't drink enough water.


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Hi Lairy,

Yup Julie is right, you can add that as water intake however 4 pints is a bare minimum of water for the day you should try and aim for more. Try to make a habit of sipping water continuous throughout the day instead of trying to drink it all at once.

Ironically the more water you drink the better you'll feel :tear_drop::tear_drop:
Four pints? I thought it was four litres minimum. I've been trying to get about six litres down a day - including shakes and teas.


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Four pints? I thought it was four litres minimum. I've been trying to get about six litres down a day - including shakes and teas.
Me too Henpom, I was told to try and get 4 litres minimum but I was unsure then when I saw some people were told 4 glasses. I need to drink bout 5-6 litres in order to feel comfortable.
I spoke to my pharmacist about water volume as I was drinking between 5 and 7 litres a day. My Pharmacist informed me the hospital recomends a maximum of 6 litres a day. I am not sure how true this is but my pharmacist is very up to date and knowledgable on lipotrim.
thats really interesting tootsie.

what about this bit:-

"If you are going to the toilet more than once every two hours or so that might be too much, especially if your urine is clear,"

Oh no!! I'm going the loo like every 25mins! I'm drinkin 4ltrs a day... on week 3 of Lipotrim?

worried now !
If your water intake is spaced evenly throughout the day you will be absolutely fine. The danger comes from from too much water at once and your body is unable to process it....

Very interesting though!!!


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Average for a woman is around four and half litres a day including water used to mix your shakes.

(UK) One Gallon = 8 pints = 4.54609 litres.

Some take a little more or less. Find out what works for you and that you feel comfortable drinking.

In the first week it is very difficult to get use to all the water and it takes time to build your way up to 8 pints.

The food we eat contains large amounts of water and when we are abstaining from food you must deliberately drink water to replace the water we normally get from eating food in order for our bodies to work.

Lipotrim guidelines is a minimum 4 pints (2.5 litres) + the water used to mix your shakes with which is another 1 1/2 pints for your three milkshakes or 8 fluid oz of water for each milkshake.

Drinking should be frequent throughout the day, not all at once. Do not change your usual consumption of caffeine beverages.

Here is a link to a handy conversion calculator.

UK Pints to Liters conversion calculator - Volume conversions
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Thanks everyone.

Lipotrim recommend a minimum of 4 pints not 4 litres. I think this has caused some confusion with people before!!

There is no way on this earth that I would be able to drink 4 litres! I would feel so ill. It just gives me the most horrible feeling of being really bloated and sloshy!!! Especially because you feel as though you have an empty stomach.

Im just going to try my best, thats all I can do.
It is definitely at least 4 litres of water that is recommended with lipotrim. I have been to the clinic at Salford Hospital via gp referral and the consultant was quite insistent that everyone should drink no less than 4 litres.

I dont start until 1st February and have been trying to get used to drinking water (yuk) no I really sympathise with your difficulties. Good luck.


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As far as I know 4 glasses/ 2 litres is the ammount everybody should be drinking normally with no diet. So on lipotrim the water intake is increased to 4litres becuse u're missing out on the water which is in food you would normally eat.


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well ive set myself a goal of always drinking 4 ltrs of water per day. i also always make up the shakes to 600ml on the shaker so i feel im getting more and usually have a couple cups of red bush tea as well...and no bad after affects other than initially piddling a lot!!!

h x
Thanks everyone.

Im going to stick with my 4 pints (just about!) as that is what the Lipotrim dvd says and so has my pharmacy. I can't believe that the offical dvd would be wrong, so im going with that!

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