Quick Quick Dinners

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Quick soup

Tin baked beans,tin tomatoes.blitz add basil and black pepper.Voila!! filling and cheap!


Is so very nearly there!
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is that nice tho :/


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scrambled egg x


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I have two jobs and therefore sometimes find it hard to prepare stuff.
I have 30 mins in between my full time job and my part time job in the evening, what meals can I do for dinner that are quick and free in that time?

Why not batch cook what ever you like and have it ready defrosting for when you get home... you could have curries.. stews... frittattttttta (how many t's in that :8855:) spag bol... anything on your slow cooker... just an idea.

You can take it out of the freezer in the morning before leaving work and it will be ready to reheat in the micro and eat and time to powder your nose :8855:


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How about a jacket potato in micro with either cheese, beans (or both) or with a mugshot


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here's a few:

- pasta'n'sauce (approx 12 mins)
- quorn cheese burgers (approx 1 min, maybe less, in microwave) - 2 x quorn burgers (0.5 sins each) w/m rolls (2 x hex b), cheese slices (hex a) and ketchup (sins) ...plus salad
cheese and onion omelett - surprisingly filling
smash and cabbage bubble and squeek


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what chick pea dahl are you using? is it free?

What about beans on toast?
mug shot?
pasta and sauce?
Omlette beans and toast (from hex).
Cous Cous

I find the best way to do it is batch cook and do enough to last you throughout the week or however long your shift is!


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ASDA do a tinned Chick Pea dhal that is free on green days and really tasty.

I make up a pasta n sauce, with vegetables in it, and put it in a microwaveable dish and take it to work for my lunch. No reason why you couldn't make it in advance and heat it up in between jobs too.