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Quit smoking thread?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by pixie-gem, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member


    is there a quit smoking thread? I've looked but not had much luck.

    have decided there's no point eating healthily and doing exercise while still being a chimney.
    i always want to give up, all the time I have them, then as soon as they are gone suddenly I couldn't possibly give up (the joys of my stupid brain lol)

    i have one of those e-cigs, as I know a few people who have given up using them who rave about them, and the patches gum etc have never worked for me.

    so I have what I need in place to give up, I just actually have to take that step...

    anyone else? Someone must wanna share some insanity with me :p

    or if you have quit, some stories on how you did it, any tricks you learnt, how you feel now you have etc would be very very welcome :) xx
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  3. Can't be of much help as I have never smoked. But just wanted to say - good for you! It will be hard, but so worth while, and I admire your determination.
  4. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Thank you! :)
  5. mag104

    mag104 Full Member

    I stopped 4 years ago. Went to the quitters nurse at the docs and she gave me champix. Works a treat for me but not for OH.
    Just cost you a prescription. Good luck xx
  6. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Thank you. Am a bit dubious about champix as my friend got really bad side effects, although saying that my mum successfully quit on them.
    Have the no smoking clinic next week so going to see what they say, however I've cut down by 75% by myself :D xx
  7. Corrina127

    Corrina127 Member

    I quit 2 years ago July with champix. Tried all the nicotine patches, lozenges etc. just did not work. Spending all that money on trying to give up as well as the fags when it failed, cost me a few hundred pounds.

    I booked an appointment with the smoking clinic at my local GP. He said to me smoke as usual for the next 7 days while taking the tablets, after the 7 days you have to quit or it won't work. So I tried, day 7 came, I thought how can I do without my fix, but I did. It was hard for the first day, because you have to break the habit as well as withdrawing off the nicotine. Withdrawing off the nicotine was a doddled, just craved about three times that day. Breaking the habit was the hardest - getting a cigarette out of packet and lighting it.

    I used to smoke outside, I never smoked inside. In the winter months it was lovely not having to go outside just to get my fix. I can't remember the last time I craved a fag.

    The only thing I didn't get on with taking champix is the nausea side of it. I felt sick constantly for 7 weeks but the feeling sick compared to the breathing I would be getting back and the smoke free clothes and the pounds I saved, it was worth it. Also, I put on about 1.7st in weight.

    Good luck with giving up it will be worth it. Let us know how you get on :D

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