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Quorn - advice/comments

Hi all,

I just wondered if any of you had quorn nuggets/chicken fillets/southern style burgers (basically anything quorn in breadcrumbs/batter) when you have 'quorn' as part of your 200 cal meal?

My counsellor say's it should be fine as long as I don't have it all the time. I've only had it once so far (after my first weigh in); & where you can normally have 200g of quorn, I went off calories instead - the quorn chicken fillet in breadcrumbs was only 100g but was 187 cals ish (not sure without now going & looking at the packet, but I didn't go over my 200 cals) so I only had one rather than 2 (i.e 200g).

I guess the answer may be it depends on the person whether or not you can have these without really affecting weight loss but they are really tasty & if I can have them, think they'll really help.

Will prob only have them of a weekend for tea when hubby & I HAVE to eat together. He works shifts so is helping by eating his tea before I get in from work depending on what shift he's on (one week he's not even there when I get home :( ). I'm having my 200 cal meal at work during the week to help break the day up.

Also, the book says we can have fat free salad dressing - the best I could find was weight watchers fat free caesar dressing 10 cals per 15ml (which is loads! I don't use it all) - will this be ok?

Your thoughts/experiences would be appreciated.

Thanks, love and motivation to all
Kirsty xxx

Week one: -7.2lb
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my thoughts too about the carbs, maybe they are more relevant than cals..?
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Hi Kirsty

I stick to the plain quorn fillets or pieces. If you microwave them with a little water and add lots of herbs and spices (mild curry powder is my favourite) - they taste delicious and are really filling. Hope this helps.:)
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Quorn should either be the plain fillets/pieces (cubes) or mince. Anything else ie in batter or breadcrumbs or suasages will have carbs in.
Thanks all - and I've just had the most wonderful meal idea! Chicken stir fried (no oil, fry light - one cal per spray) with curry powder, using the extra light mayo to dunk in! Mmmmm.

This will be ok yes?
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i wouldnt have the breaded quorn myself due to the carbs but it is up to u!

has anyone had the deli slices? as i have some for my tea, which i intend on rolling up and stuffing with some lettuce.


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I've done it - I do love the pieces, but the plain fillets just go way too dry for me. I've got some nuggets in the freezer and some days I feel like going off the rails but if I have them I somehow trick myself.

I dont eat loads of them just a couple and sometimes as a treat I use a little bit of mayo on the side - but only a teaspoon worth.
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im a big fan of cottage cheese but am in danger of going off it big style if i continue eating it everyday!
I find the fillets and pieces also go really dry so my CDC says that i will be ok with 2 quorn sausages (bangers, not any other variety i think) and also a burger every now and then. i just have to watch to see how it affects me. im fine with the sausages and have even had three (naughty) but the burgers seem to make me hungry.
My fave meal at the moment is quorn sausages with roasted courgette (pre-heat roasting pan with 1 squirt of fry light) chop courgette, place in hot roasting dish, spray very lightly with fry light and cook until ready - 15 mins? - ish)
mmmm bloomin lovely.

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