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Well, Ive decided to start a blog.

Been doing Cambridge diet for almost 4 days and this isn't the first time Ive started CD, probably the 4th time actually.

I'm sitting here on my laptop, all my 5 girls tucked up in bed and I'm already wondering what to write. Great start eh! lol

I'm funny with the packs, as Ive never actually had a shake, I tend to stick to soups and frozen Tetras.

Why do I want to lose weight?

well, I'm normally out-going, and since the weight has been creeping on, Ive become less and less myself and now I'm someone I don't recognize too well.
I used to have friends who wouldn't even consider having a party if I wasn't available to go, nowadays, I don't even get asked.

Also, I'm now single, after being on and off with hubby who had a few short term affairs during our 13 years together, now actually getting divorced and looking to start this year to find out who "Tracie" is.

I'm actually glad I don't have someone in my life, I can now concentrate, I tend to find that, esp with other times of starting CD, when Ive been on a few dates etc, I eat.

anyway, that'll do for now - need to sort my girls out, seems they weren't sleeping like angels as I thought!!!!
Glad you're having another bash Tracie. Plenty of time to get slim for those skimpy summer clothes.

You've done the hard bit getting to day 4 now keep your focus and you'll be well away.

Will be looking out for you.

Dizzy x
Thanks Dizzy and Irene for your messages.

I know Ive said it before but I really am determined more than ever this time.

Ive actually stopped looking at food and thinking to myself oh i wish I could eat that

Instead Ive kinda been thinking, oh just get on with the diet, no picking, just 100% SS.

Its the end of my first week and Ive lost 11 lbs.

The thing is, I'm not sleeping. Havent slept for about a week, an hour or so maybe and some nights just being constantly awake.
It's not related to this diet but its been going on for a while now.
I've tried lavender, lemon oil, but my mind has been active all night long.

So, I went to the dr's today coz I found when I was driving I wasnt really aware of everything and I was really miserable and moody and have no energy.

I look absolutely terrible.

So, I was given temporary sleeping tablets

Would this be ok on this diet?

I just feel like I need at least one good nights sleep.

The good news is that my 1st week weight loss is 11bs
I'm very pleased with this.

I just wish I felt energized as I hate feeling so lethargic

Hope everyone is doing well.
Keep in touch
That's a fab result Tracie and you do seem really motivated. hope the sleep returns back to normal soon. Great time to restart, plenty of time to get to goal befor the holidays. Also the weather is already starting to get better and the days longer. I love this time of year for new beginnings!

Dizzy x
Congrats on your 11 lbs loss - well done!! As far as I know the sleeping tablets shouldn't affect anything but it's worth letting your CDC know so she can check with CD hq :)
Hi Tracie...youre doing so so well and seem so focussed...in the zone as it were! I was until i had kebab meat earlier...doh! Anyway just wanted to say why not join in on the valentines thread...a challenge to reach a certain target for Valentines!

Onwards and downwards:)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your replies.

Well. unless I have a stomach of iron and totally immune to drugs, the sleeping tablet didn't work!!!

Not totally surprising really that it didn't seeing as I have fallen pregnant on the pill and pill and condoms and the coil before, not quite the same thing, I know, hence me having 5 kids but it gives you the general idea lol.

Same as when I'm at the dentist, I have about 30 injections until I start going numb!!!! ha ha

I've lost 2 lbs since yesterday, I don't weigh every day, but whilst trying to sleep last night, my mind started going over time and I kind of convinced myself that I hadn't lost 11lbs and that I had made it up, so I wanted to be sure that I really had, so I weighed this morning and was surprised to see another 2lbs gone, only one more then its my 1ST stone!!! Yeeeeehhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

How's everyone doing?

Might join the challenge, have joined them before but its almost like as soon as i do, i eat!!!

so, will think about it.

is anyone on CD living near Cambridge?

Wow, you are doing sooo well to cope with the diet and the other stuff....cant believe you have lost so much so quickly, thats absolutely fantastic!

Cant believe the sleeping tabs didnt work either! Have you rang you your doc and asked for different ones maybe? I really hop you manage to get some sleep soon!
Hey Tracie... just wanted to say well done you are doing fab!!! 13lb gone FOREVER!!!


Gen xx
Well done on the weight loss Tracie.

The not sleeping is down to the stress you are under at the moment and hopefully will soon sort it self out. Give your Doctor another call though to let him know the tablets have not had any effect and hopefully he can give you something stronger.

Good luck with your diary ... I'm sure it will help you to write down your journey from now on.
I live near Cambridge!!!

But somehow I think you know that already...lol

Just worked out...you go on holiday 27 weeks today...and we'll be joining you 28 weeks today!!

oooooh sunshine :)
sangria :D
sand :eek:

27 weeks!!!!woohoo!!

Just looking for summer dresses for the girls on ebay lol.
gotta be said, cant wait for the hols!!!
roll on summer:D
Hi everyone,

how are you all feeling?

Well, update on the sleeping scenario,

I phoned dr and was advised to double up on the dose, so I did, and hey presto.....................................ive still not slept!!!!!

I mean, what is going on????????????????

How much resistance do I have?

Its like when I've gone out and drank quite abit, all my mates are totally legless and there's me, not even tipsy in the slightest!!!!!

Then to top my day off, ive booked 7 tickets to go see singalonga sound of music in leicester sq and a limo to take us there all for £35 each total and ive been let down by a few people who said they were originally coming.

and if it wasnt for me reminding them what time to meet, I would never have known they werent coming,

so if i dont fill the tickets, we'll be getting on a train in our nuns outfits instead of a gorgeous Limo!!!!! hahaha

Anyway, for sone reason im a lb heavier today than yesterday but im not worried coz ive stuck to it 100%

Hope all doin fine